Railfan photo ops - Paris, Fr.?

Peirce Apr 30, 2000

  1. Peirce

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    I am planning a trip to Paris, France, in the Fall. Does anybody have suggestions for Railfan photo opportunities within the city? Which of the railroad stations offer the best views for taking pictures? Is there a railroad museum in Paris?


    Peirce Behrendt
    Southbury, CT

    Peirce Behrendt
    Southbury, CT
  2. Alan

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    Hi Peirce. The stations in Paris that I have visited to take photographs, are Gare De Lyon, here are lots of TGV's, plus locomotive hauled trains and double-deck electric railcars.
    Gare du Nord, Locomotive hauled trains, TGV's and Eurostars.

    Gare de L'Est, lots of Commuter trains hauled by BB16500 electric locomotives, push-pull, also some Diesel hauled long distance trains.

    Also been to Gare D'Austerlitz, and saw some big Electric locomotives (BB6500), but these are being superceded, I think. They are very impressive, and popular. Plus others, but it was a bit quiet when we were there.

    The busiest was definitely Gare de Lyon, almost continuous action, sometimes two or three trains arriving or departing at the same times.

    Don't think there is a rail museum in the city.

    If you would like to see freight as well, a trip out to Villeneuve St. Georges would give you an extremely busy spot to watch continous rail action. Out from Gare de Lyon, I think.


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