Psssst- wanna buy a railroad?

friscobob Jan 21, 2003

  1. friscobob

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    Forget about those kiddy model railroads- here's the 12"=1-foot scale model railroad for REAL men! ;)

    Belfast & Moosehead Lake placed on the market for $3.5 million

    The 33-mile Belfast & Moosehead Lake is for sale and the asking price is $3.5 million, executives for the short line announced Thursday.

    A lack of operating capital has forced the company to make the public sale. However, officials say their goal is to continue running the passenger service in 2003 while searching for a new owner.

    The B&MLR has operated at a loss since the early 1990s. Over the last several years, the railroad has stayed afloat due to the personal finances that previous owner and local businessman, Bert Clifford, invested after taking majority ownership in 1997 and sole ownership over the passenger service in 1998.

    Since Clifford’s death in 2001, the Clifford family estate has been financially supporting the business, officials say.

    "The company has done well with its limited resources, but the challenges are phenomenal and without additional financing, we can’t keep the business running," said president Bob Lamontagne.

    Operated with five General Electric 70-ton locomotives, the railroad, chartered in 1867, connects the communities of Belfast and Unity with the Guilford Rail System at Burnham Junction, Maine.

    Interested parties can contact Lamontagne at (207) 948-5091 or
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    Bob, several months ago there was an ad in Railfan and Railroad mag for another one in the North Hudson Valley, NY, about 42 miles long I think. Depending on the weight of the rail, condition of the roadbed, etc., and turning facilities at each end, this might be the answer for steam excursion operators. I need to win the lotto. :D

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    You and me both Fitz! [​IMG]
    I had the good fortune to ride the Belfast & Moosehead Lake about 10 years ago. It was a very nice ride through Birch forested woods. I'll do it again if and when I get back to visit my sister in Maine. :D

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