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Justin May Apr 13, 2000

  1. Justin May

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    Hello to all,
    I am an N&W fan , and knowing that PRR obtained the assets of the N&W for some time , I began to wonder just to what degree was the PRR an influence on N&W Passenger consists and designs. Can anyone direct me to information regarding the builders of the P-70 heavyweight coaches and the combines? I am really wondering if Altoona made these from PRR plans or did they use Bethlehem as a primary Passenger car builder. I am looking to model a combine/coaches that N&W labeled BPd and Pg,respectively,and these were built by Behtlehem for N&W and just wondering if PRR used the same design and builders? Any help would be great and have a good one, Justin May
  2. eddelozier

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    Have a page of information on the P-70
    PRR heavyweights. Here is a summary.

    Altoona, PA. built the first 80' P70 all-steel coach in Dec., 1907.
    #1652 (57 tons)
    The guess was that 90% of the cars built by 1928 were built by Bethlehem and Pressed Steel Car Co. Altoona did all the upgrading.

    Pullman used 26" fishbelly underframe and a I beam or channel frame.
    PRR used a box girder center sill and all
    the P70 cars used the box girder frame.
    The trucks on PRR cars had unique double pedestal and side bearing features.
    PRR P70 had wider than normal clerestroy
    (91"). Pullman had (71").
    PRR added ice air-condition in early 1930's.

    ****source of info 'PENNSY POWER III'


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