Progress On The New CCSB

justTRAINcRaZy Dec 4, 2007

  1. mjc205

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    Thread Bump :)
  2. justTRAINcRaZy

    justTRAINcRaZy TrainBoard Member

    It really pains me to post this, but here goes:

    I participated in the NC Rail Run the first of September. Afterwards, I closed the train room and didn't go back until late October. My room is in a building separate from the house.

    When I looked in, I found destruction on a scale couldn't imagine. Seems a squirrel (or 2) had managed to get in and made a home for 6 weeks. There is literally noting untouched. Rolling stock has been knocked over and some destroyed. Buildings broken and used as nesting. Entire forests of Supertrees disappeared. After taking some pictures, I closed the door and have not been able to return.

    I hope to return to operations some time next year, but parts will never be the same again.



  3. COverton

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    Yeesh. I feel for you. Is it at all possible that it looks a lot worse than it actually is? The trees look troubled, but maybe the other damage is minor and you will actually be in pretty good shape after maybe four hours of work. Well, we could hope, couldn't we?
  4. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    I sorry to see what they have done. Before leaveing them do more harm you should try to find were they got in and bloke it off.
    Then to prevent them from getting active again get several bars of Irish Spring bar soap. Cut them up into a couple pieces. A hatchet worked for me but a saw would work as well. Spread those around the room on plates to protect surfaces. They don't like the smell but don't really stink it up like moth balls. Some say drier sheet work but they dry out were the soap doesn't for at least a year.

    I learned this trick when I was on a camping board some years ago. It even kept the ants and earwigs out. It's cheap, non-tocsic, I like the smell and it works. I promise.

    Best wishes with the rebuild.
  5. DiezMon

    DiezMon TrainBoard Supporter

    oh I dunno..

    I don't mean to minimize how much that sucks, but it doesn't look all that bad. Structurally you're still good, you can still run trains w/out too much work? think if they'd chewed through wiring, or if the place had burned down. :)

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