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FriscoCharlie Oct 22, 2009

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    Due to a recurring issue with some members having large signatures, we have set a policy.

    See the attachment in this post.

    The size of the vertical space between the last line of a post and the "Like" button at lower right, approximately one inch will be the size of the space that you are allowed for your signature.

    In simpler terms, your signature's vertical height should be no larger than the space just a litle larger than your avatar.

    If you have a link to a commercial site in your signature, you must be affiliated with the site and the link must be tasteful and not exceptionally large. These should be generally held to one line. Such things are at the discretion of the TrainBoard Staff.

    This is being posted to point people to see if they have a larger signature.

    Thanks for your cooperation, We receive complaints from people regularly because they have to scroll past signatures to get to content.


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