Paragon2 PRR M1a/M1b

rrjim1 Jun 23, 2015

  1. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member


    No Carl, you guys are better off that they didn't select an ATSF engine or it would be you waiting 10+ years for it.
  2. Maletrain

    Maletrain TrainBoard Member

    Given how the market has responded to the Bachmann K-4 release, in multiple specific versions, I don't understand how anybody can still think the same market could not support a Pennsy steam engine.
  3. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    To echo Rick above, everybody needs to think before posting. Much of the discussion here has drifted away from just on-topic, has become argumentative and/or speculative and has veered into personal attacks/insults. If you're not thinking through what you're posting, please step back from the keyboard and take a breath.
  4. Thieu

    Thieu TrainBoard Member

    Btw, it is coming. Within a few days. So says BLI on their Facebook page.
  5. gatrhumpy

    gatrhumpy TrainBoard Member

    I got an email stating my CC will be charged in 10 days and that the M1A will be shipped then. Yeah, NOPE. CANCELLED.
  6. Jay Gould

    Jay Gould TrainBoard Member

    BLW now has the M1 a on their "new at BLW" page, as of (as far as I know) today April 26th, and it will be in stock immanently.
  7. Altoona1223

    Altoona1223 TrainBoard Member

    BLW is now shipping pre-orders. :):):):)

    Judd Barton
  8. rogergperkins

    rogergperkins TrainBoard Member

    Yesterday I saw a post from Spook Show that he had received his locomotive.
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  9. silentargus

    silentargus TrainBoard Member

    Wow. Color me almost impressed that this finally happened. I'll reserve judgment until I have one in hand, because I'm half expecting to get an empty box with a "product coming soon!" note inside. Will be placing my order when I get home tonight. As long as there aren't any issues with my first one, and assuming spookshow gives it a solid 'A', a second will likely follow. All I can say is that after all this time, BLI had better have dotted all their i's and crossed all their t's.
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  10. gatrhumpy

    gatrhumpy TrainBoard Member

    I would expect an IOU note inside the box.
  11. Virginian Railway

    Virginian Railway TrainBoard Member

  12. Point353

    Point353 TrainBoard Member

    What are the odds there will be another production run and that it will include roadnumber 6755 (and make the noisemaker optional)?
  13. thenightfly

    thenightfly TrainBoard Member

    ^WOW! A video showing the actual product! It's almost as exciting as seeing a video that documents a genuine extraterrestrial or a ghost!
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  14. rrjim1

    rrjim1 TrainBoard Member

    Looks like the wait was well worth it! (y)
  15. Maletrain

    Maletrain TrainBoard Member

    Pennsy fans have a lot to work with, now. With a two new steam engines, the GG1s and a slew of diesels and passenger cars, I am officially going to stop feeling sorry for them. Now if the manufacturers can "catch-up" with another B&O-specific steam engine, please? (Q4 or P 7 would be really nice.)
  16. silentargus

    silentargus TrainBoard Member

    The road number is at least a possibility, since they did a special run of their HO version for it... as for a version with no sound, that ship sailed a long time ago. I can't think of a single major locomotive release by BLI in years that hasn't been DCC/sound with no other option available.

    My M1b is on the way... despite the wait, and all the harsh words I've had for BLI, I sincerely do hope these models are a runaway success. If they are, then that's two solid Pennsy steamers in as many years (and a very niche diesel), and that ought to put the myth that there's no market for (eastern) road-specific power to bed for good. With any luck, releases for other roads will soon follow. Then maybe some more Pennsy. Smaller stuff, though, like H8s and B6s.
  17. Maletrain

    Maletrain TrainBoard Member

    The B&O had some Pennsy influence for a while in the early 1900s, which resulted in their E-24 Consolidations (and L-ia switchers) being built to Pennsy H6a blue prints with Belpaire boilers. The B&O E-24s lasted into the 1950s. So, BLI or somebody else could get a two-fer on road specific small steam engines with one mechanism and shell.
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  18. RedRiverRR4433

    RedRiverRR4433 TrainBoard Member

    I have one PRR M1a on the way. It should pair up nicely with my brass PRR M1a that I converted to DCC years ago.

    Staying cool and having fun with it.....:cool::cool:

  19. papahnash

    papahnash TrainBoard Member

    If the sales of the past 2 days at a certain dealer in Maryland is any indication (starting with just under 200 units and currently in the mid 80's) it should be obvious there is a market for eastern road specific power.
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  20. brokemoto

    brokemoto TrainBoard Member


    I would be happy if someone put the correct tenders and numbers on the USRA lights. B&O had originals of both and copies of the USRA light pacific. MP put a Vanderbilt tender on one and a Q-4 number on it. MP did issue the USRA light pacific with both USRA standard and Vanderbilt, but put incorrect numbers on that with the USRA standard. They were B&O pacific numbers, allright, but from Alton and CH&D pacifics. Sadly, MRC failed to correct the errors. The P-6s, USRA light copies, did have Vanderbilts, but not the SP Vanderbilt that MP/MRC has.

    Fortunately, B-mann does have the USRA standard with B&O lettering, so I simply added data, safety slogans and other details to one.

    B-mann has announced a USRA light 2-8-2 in HO, which often means that it will do it in N. Sadly, B&O is not one of the announced road names for HO. Hopefully, B-mann will change that for N. If any manufacturer actually went to take measurements, it is likely that it went to the B&O museum where the first USRA light 2-8-2 built still exists.

    I would like to see a Q-4, which was the standard B&O 2-8-2. For some reason, the B&O preferred sixty-four inch drivers on its freight power. Many Q-4s had steam lines and signalling devices which allowed them to be pressed into passenger work.

    A P-7 or P-1d would not be bad, but I would prefer a P-3 or P-4 (worked Washington and Baltimore commuter trains--one of those classes, I forget which one, now, even had a hinged coal bunker so that the coal could be slid to the fireman--yup, those were hand-bombers, originally). Since people are doing 4-8-2s, how about a T class?

    There were also the A-2/E-3. If someone did this, a certain gentleman who does not post here much could actually get his PRR Atlantic.

    Many B&O fans, modellers, enthusiasts do not like to acknowledge that PRR controlled the B&O in the very late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I have had to show authoritative proof to more than one. One or two would not even accept the photographic comparisons of the H-6/E-24 or E-3/A-2.

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