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modle-a Jan 24, 2014

  1. modle-a

    modle-a TrainBoard Member

    I am planning my layout and have been for a while but anyway my plans include to put a paper mill in the layout and for it to be a big part of my layout anyone have some pictures of a layout with a paper mill. Thanks

  2. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Member

    Some reference re paper mills and modeling:

    Champion paper mill under construction p.23 18 November, 1939 Number 2 Page 21 to 42.pdf

    "Papermaking & the Railroads, Part 1" _ModRRer_ Oct98 p.100
    mechanical pulping > newsprint, pulp paper
    sulfite pulping > writing, bond & tissue paper
    Kraft pulping > "brown" paper for bags, corrug cardboard
    site layout (typical for model) Layout Planning Ideas (undated supplement, filed w 2008) p.12
    Sulfite mills mostly in NE US, Wisconsin, Ontario
    Kraft mills in Louisiana and the South
    Part 2:papermaking since 1960, Kraft process. paper mill traffic.
    _ModRRer_ Nov98 p.90

    "Sulfite process" for manufacturing paper pulp using an acid bisulfite solution to soften the wood material by removing the lignin from the cellulose. Sulfite cooking liquor consists of free sulfur dioxide dissolved to 4-8% solution in water, with 2-3% in the form of bisulfite.
    (_Encyclopedia Brittanica_)

    "KRAFT PROCESS" uses solution of caustic soda and sodium sulfide to cook pulp. Kraft process can digest pine chips. The resinous components dissolve and can be recovered in the form of "tall oil".
    (_Encyclopedia Brittanica_)

    Bowaters Southern Paper Corp. Calhoun,Tenn. small aerial pix,
    detail pix of bleach washers. _Business World_ Apr.2, 1955. p.89
    Crossett,Arkansas plant, pix, plat. _Mod RRer_ Feb81 p.108

    Great Northern Paper Co., East Millinocket, Maine. aerial pix.
    chemi-ground pulp mill. uses hardwood. _Business Week_, Feb 12 1955 p.81

    N scale Paper mill
    Walthers #933-3237 Dec.release _ModRRer_ Oct98 p.43

    Niagara: paper mill said to be largest in world in 1895 was first manufacturer to benefit from first major US hydroelectric power plant, Niagara Falls. _History of Manufactures in the United States_ vol.3
    1893-1928 p.2
    Paper: processes & production flow diagram. _
    World Book_, 1958 p.__P-6084
    Paper Industry: products paper mills receive & ship
    _RailModJournal_ Sept97 p.17-23
    papernaking machinery: oversized load on ATSF Los Angeles Harbor District , special ATSF heavy duty flatcar FT-82 #90011 transporting paper dryer received by ship to Kimberlyn Clark plant
    _Warbonnet_ 4Q2000 p.16
    letter by engineer explaining above pix _Warbonnet_ 1Q2001 p.2
    pulpwood: chain conveyor for pulpwood, ad for Jeffrey chain
    _Business Week_ Feb.4, 1956 p.14

    pulpwood yard for St. Mary'sTimber Co, Yemassee SC Model Railroad Planning 2003 p.38
    pulpwood unloading claw-arm portable crane, model on Dave Kelber's HO SOO Line layout. _ModRRer_ Apr2000 p.78
    St. Laurent Paper Products, West Point, VA. thermochemical process. turpentine by-product. paper mill, modern, modeling
    _ModRRer_ Apr02 p.84

    Starch used in paper: Staley custom starches used to stiffen/ strengthen corrugated cardboard.
    home office: Decatur, Ill. branch:KCMO _BusinessWeek_ Nov.5,1955 p.131

    switching a paper mill, Georgia Pacific, Gilman VT
    _RailModJournal_ Sept97 p.11
    Switching: "Working the Mill Job", White Mtn. Paper on HO B&M New
    Hampshire Div of Paul J. Dolkos. _ModRRer_ Apr2000 p.63

    Walthers papermill used for NW Timber Co. HO project layout
    _ModRRer_ Jan98 p.86
  3. modle-a

    modle-a TrainBoard Member

    Thanks man that is cool and will help a lot guess I should have figured that out myself.
  4. TrainboySD40

    TrainboySD40 TrainBoard Member

    The biggest industry on my layout is a kraft paper mill. It has 2 chip tracks plus an unloader, two tracks inside the mill (modified Superior paper) and one outside, a machine shop, two acid tank tracks. There's a small yard, and a 3 track sawmill that shares it. It takes a bit more than an hour to switch out without any interruptions.
    Track plan:
    kraft finished.jpg
    View of paper mill:
    20130623 10.jpg
  5. ratled

    ratled TrainBoard Supporter

    I have always like the Providence Northern paper mill (google image search it) and MRH is running a GREAt series now on Mike C.'s Allagash RR. One of Mike's DVDs was how he built his papermill

  6. modle-a

    modle-a TrainBoard Member

    Yes I like that set up TrainboySD40, I did some reading about paper mills they use just about every piece of rolling stock I have I guess that's why I like them the wife said I could eat plenty of pintos for supper and it will smell like a paper mill HaHa.
  7. PEIR

    PEIR TrainBoard Member

    I'd like to do a paper mill module at some point myself and I appreciate the links. Mike Confalone's Allagash is my favorite model RR. The overall layout is extremely well done.

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