Opinions on 2-10-0 class 42/44/50/52 Steam Locos

Jags Jul 22, 2022

  1. Jags

    Jags TrainBoard Member

    I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences with any of the Marklin Z 2-10-0 class 42/44/50/52 Steam Locos. These would be models:


    Along with some others.

    How well do these models haul? How many standard Era IV passenger coaches can they handle? What about the difference in the 3 pole vs. 5 pole motors? How about slow speed operation? How well do they work in a "double-header" situation?

    Any opinions, observations, and experiences would be much appreciated especially from those of you that own any of these models.

    I'm thinking of putting together a Nostalgie Istanbul Orient Express consist as is shown below:

    Thanks in advance!!

    Nostalgie Istanbul Orient Express 2X Steam class 50 sm.png
  2. eXact Modellbau

    eXact Modellbau TrainBoard Member

    Those are freight engines. But they pulled local passenger trains as well. Max speed is 80km/h (50mph?)
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  3. sumgai

    sumgai TrainBoard Member

    There is a satisfying enjoyable experience running micro-chip-free Marklin open frame five pole and three pole motor locomotives. YOU are the Hogger, not an iphone microchip directing the forward momentum of a microchip-controlled can motor. Is good you want to run double head, Marklin locs are a bit light in the pants in pulling power for such a long train. There used to be Frog Snot instant traction tire, but don't hear much about Frog Snot anymore. Note, some of those locomotives you listed in the five digit series "may" be "the future of Marklin" "bell shaped armature" (can motored) locomotives. Not saying "nein" to progress, but getting parts, like entire can motors for replacements may become problematic. The five pole and three pole motored locs DO require (20 hour or sooner) lubrication, brush changes and cleaning. Parts and brushes for the antique motors abound. Oh, but there is "Quartering"!!! Um, forget the above, nevermind, hold out for the maintenance-free can-motored newest versions of any locomotive you choose, ha ha.

    The pullman cars you show are beautiful. They were remarkable "in their time" for the detail lettering. But being produced over 30 years ago is a long time for the pad printing technology; the pad printing today for lettering on Z scale model train cars is much more detailed. Those OE cars are still pricey, the add-on Marklin 8778 bar car can sell for around $100 just by itself.

    Enjoy your model with whatever locs you choose to power it!. It's all good.
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  4. Jags

    Jags TrainBoard Member

    I already have all the rolling stock. I am looking at the 2 -10 - 0 Steam Locos as those were quite commonly used in the 1980's to haul the Nostalgie Istanbul Orient Express. I have seen many videos and photos with this or similar compositions. Even a book published by the Nostalgie Istanbul Orient Express shows them owning both the 50 3666 and 50 3670 to haul the train.

    I'm just trying to get some first hand info from any owners of the Marklin Locos I listed to see how well they perform.


    NIOE 50s.png
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  5. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    I have used a few of the Marklin 2-10-0s over the years. Some were new, old stock which ran like pigs until I gave the motors a blast of Servisol 10 contact cleaner to free up the gummed up Marklin oil. Some were second hand ones

    This might seem like sacrilege but I use them to make WW2 War department 'Austerity' 2-10-0s


    they need a bit of alteration!

    3D printed body and tender


    Seen with a typical vacuum braked British freight train running on Republic steel


    I used to run them with their DB bodies on when I ran Republic in German form


    You can see one running, along with other Marklin steam locos on my video

    hope this helps

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  6. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Member

    The locos should run well. Comments about traction (e.g. pulling power) are relatively true. 1 might pull them but grades (no). 145mm small radius curves, especially ’S’ curves (without at least the loco length) very likely won’t work.

    As you planned for 2 locos, that almost guarantees hours of trouble free running. But grades, small radii and S curves still are a no, until you try them for yourself.
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  7. Jags

    Jags TrainBoard Member

    As an update. I have purchased two 2-10-0 class Locomotives and I'm successfully pulling my ten coach Nostalgia Istanbul Orient Express!!

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