One of my Tricks... old Equipment with foam inserts.

jtomstarr Sep 16, 2020

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    After seeing this photo and receiving Numerous N- SCALE CARS and Locomotives like this I have learned to Remove the Lightly scrub the Freight car , Locomotive periodically when new. And after being purchased at train show or has been sitting unused for ? Ages.. Remove the Shell , scrub Very Lightly with a old Tooth Brush dipping occasionally in a Ivory Soap Solution then dry thoroughly by dabbing at the surface with a Bath Hand Towel as so not to disturb any Factory printed or Stamped Lettering. Then Repeat with a Semi Damp Towel Please allow to Air Dry overnight. ThE next day Take the CHASSIS Completely Apart Clean and Lube Grease'm in the past. Please thoroughly Lube the CHASSIS. Have used this method in the past due to my former HOBBY Shop didn't know how to deal with N-SCALE of course one has to test the chassis once it is all put back together.


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    Yikes! That's a painful picture to look at! :eek:
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    I'll second that!

    Any that I have with that style foam insert have had the engines wrapped in a thin sheet of plastic to keep that from happening. That way the foam will stick to the plastic instead of the engine or rolling stock.
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    Is that a original Con-Cor unit made by KATO? It will still run like a watch if so.
    I've had good luck washing with a WD-40 dampened towel, maybe some WD-40 directly applied on engine side. Let soak, and wipe away. Then wash with DAWN to remove all/excess residue. WD-40 doesn't seem to bother plastic or the paint.
    I keep the foam packing from directly touching the engine. Put a piece of plastic baggie between the engine and the foam packing.
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