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KWE Feb 4, 2024

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    I have been starting to put some effort into Arduino and I am having a lot of fun, but I do suffer a draw-back, my old brain has a bit of trouble with relearning old concepts.

    About 15 years ago (maybe longer) I started teaching myself the 'C' language. I quickly went through a book, I believe it was called (C in 24 hours), I could be wrong on the title, but I think I am close. I had fun with the book but at the time I truly had no need to use the language for anything meaningful, I didn't stick with it so I never became efficient coding in the language. I do know machining language such as Fanuc (G code) and Conversational (MAZATROL) for Mazak machines, but that type of programming was needed for my career. I wish I would have taken C more seriously, because relearning how to USE the langue is a bit tasking at my age. I am not talking about simply writing the language but putting concepts and ideas together in a cohesive working fashion.

    I am not saying it cannot be done, because I am doing it, I just feel that it is now a tasking effort, much more so than it was many years ago.
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