Ok, What Did Santa Bring You?

Martin Station Dec 26, 2020

  1. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    I got one of those a few years back. I love it. It’s hooked up to my restored 90’s era Kenwood component unit. It was the stereo I wanted back in the day, but couldn’t afford. Now it sounds just as good as new, and I had fun repairing them.
  2. Run8Racing

    Run8Racing TrainBoard Member

    "Santa" brought me "Fe" !!! OK, sorry, that was bad !!! Santa brought me a good bonus check for making the best floor mats in the World. We took measurements to make some for his sleigh !!! My stuff will be delivered by Father Time between 1-4 and 1-8. Although not train goodies, Santa did bring some model cars I've wanted for MANY years !!! IMG_20201218_020939 (1).jpg
  3. Run8Racing

    Run8Racing TrainBoard Member

    Carl Sowell, I received the same gift, but in a larger scale. 1.75 !!!
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  4. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    Ummm, new underwear. Sorry couldn't resist. If a mod needs to delete, I understand :)
  5. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    A Paasche air eraser. Now hopefully, I’ll be able to change
    numbers on a few Rio Grande locomotives, and remove the UP
    name on 3 dozen MDC/Roundhouse coal liners, and add my own
    Private road name decals at some point.

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    I got something to help me see. My wife and Santa did good. :)

  7. Rich_S

    Rich_S TrainBoard Member

    Just my crazy sense of humor, but that is kind of funny listening to punk rock while modeling the steam to diesel transition era. That is kool that vinyl is making a return. As a kid who grew up in the 60's and 70's I still have stacks of 33's and 45's. My most treasured two album set is the Beatles 1967 - 1970 greatest hits album on Blue semi-transparent Vinyl. (y)
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  8. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member

    Nothing train related except this Hallmark ornament:

  9. Onizukachan

    Onizukachan TrainBoard Supporter

    I dunno if it is more anachronistic than me listening to 50s music like Bing and Sinatra on vinyl, on a turntable connected via analog to my Mac Mini, which then digitizes it real-time at 44.1khz, and zaps it via laser and fiber optics over to my Home theatre receiver, which then processes it into Dolby 5.1 surround, amps and powers the front 3.1 channels and zaps it to the rear channels wirelessly... whilst I’m working on a computer controlled LED equipped all electrically powered representation of an analog 1950s steam railroad from a place I’ve never been in 1:160 scale to wakingly dream of a better & simpler time.

    when here & now is the best and simplest time that has ever been.
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  10. bigGG1fan

    bigGG1fan TrainBoard Member

    Santa brought me nothing train-related (my pre-Christmas buying spree is *almost* over), but SceneIt got 3-D printed hobbit houses for her Hobbiton-on-the-layout from our son (best Christmas gift we ever got him ) along with pictures he took of the actual movie set in NZ for painting.

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  11. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    Santa Self is waiting for the delivery of a D&RGW RPO Mail & Baggage Car.
    A D&RGW RPO Standard/HW RPO car. I don't think the window arrangement is correct but it will do until such a time as someone makes a prototypically correct one. The same can be said of Santa Fe's RPO's. It will be the head end equipment on the short Craig Local.

    It's there just scroll down.
    D&RGW RPO Standard.jpg
    Now to get the rest of the train.
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  12. Onizukachan

    Onizukachan TrainBoard Supporter

  13. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    So we have all this technology, digital music, etc... and now people want the original vinyl. I spent a boatload on a system from Radio Shack in the 70's! Go figure. But hey I like old Black & White movies too. As well as current ones. But there is something about vinyl, as well as B&W movies that they can't reproduce. And it's nostalgia for me. Just like muscle cars can never be reproduced the exact same :)

    Man I am old!
  14. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    Oh, l listen to everything, just no too much mainstream music. I am going through a divorce and I have not ran a train in months
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  15. Rich_S

    Rich_S TrainBoard Member

    Sorry to hear of your divorce. Been down that road, hang in there, it might not seem like it now but better days are ahead. Being a modeler with limited layout space I've always enjoyed your Pacific Electric Playa Desnuda branch layout updates. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for all of us.
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  16. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    It's funny how people say that vinyl has a soft mellow sound that can only be found on vinyl. Well the sound of vinyl is due to a limitation in the media. It cannot make too much bass as the needle could skip out of the groove. It cannot make too high of a note either because there would be a noticeable hum on the track because the needle can only move so fast and still generate a signal. Ever since magnetic media we have had a full range of the actual recordings, or at least the recordings that were made to magnetic media, and not to wax masters that were used to make vinyl records. Magnetic masters came well before the 8 track came into your car or living room. Think late 1940's. Also every type of media since vinyl has had the ability to sound like vinyl. You simply had to limit the bass and high tones like the studio techs did when they mixed the music and singing to prepare the pressing.

    I still like listening to my music on vinyl or digital, or cd, but I have no more cassettes. My ears can still hear the hissing from the tape moving over the heads, I can live without that sound...
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  17. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    There is so much "flavor" that various media and amplification circuitry provides in music. Vacuum tube amplifiers are cherished for they way their output decays when over-driven (saturation, virtually essential in most electric guitar music), which is unique and different from transistor based amplifiers.

    You can argue that well-designed and -executed, linear transistor amplifiers reproduce the input sound more faithfully (until over-driven), but the "sound" is missing those former artifacts that were there when the music was performed, recorded and mixed.

    Alas, my hearing is no longer good enough to tell much difference. I enjoy a lot of classical music, and country music up through the '90's or so... Too much of today's music is just noise to me, and country has morphed into pop/rock. Vocal talent and range has lost out to simply shouting, much like political speech...
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  18. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Lionel. I actually had one of the real thing. The #2245 AB Texas Special pair. Can't believe what they bring today for $$$. WOW!!!
  19. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Staff Member

    My dad started out building crystal radios during the depression and cobbled together enough parts to build a tube radio. After enlisting in the Army Air Corps in WWII, they decided he should be a radioman/waste gunner on a B17. After radio school and gun school, his group shipped off to England but his orders were back to the class room to teach radio school. Then he got into radar and taught radar. After the war he became a TV repairman but one of his hobbies was "High Fidelity". He built all kinds of amplifiers of which I adopted two almost identical ones when I was in high school. I wanted stereo so he helped me build a transistor stereo pre-amp to drive the two big amps. I blew out the woofers on my first set of speakers and had to get some more rugged ones. It was a gangly affair, not as slick as my buddies component systems, but man, it could put out some smooth but loud music.
  20. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    Do you have to have a pilots license to operate that thang ?! :confused::whistle:
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