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ddm502001 Nov 21, 2020

  1. ddm502001

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    Friends of mine in Centralia and Mexico MO stated they are seeing a third less trainloads on the N&W and KCS lines that used to flow thru, scary thought as freight slows dramatically.
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    Covid has made 2020 a tough year, but thankfully tonnages have been on the upswing since July. Interestingly, the roads you mentioned seem to be at the extremes, with KCS carloadings doing well and NS not so well. Of course, carloadings don't necessarily translate into profits, i.e. a carload of gravel earns less than a carload of new Fords.

    Where I live in the Carolinas, NS is running fewer trains, but the trains are enormously long and unlike anything I've ever seen. I think this is an industry trend.

  3. BadOrder

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    The situation has been trending this way for some time..even before any Covid crisis. PSR or Precision Scheduled Railroading, is alive and well. Before UP's PSR, there was the Intiative 2020 and before that there was Initiative 55. Each and everyone of those " initiatives " was and currently is a means to pad the stockholders pockets. Other forums have beat this dead horse into the ground and then some. The changes will continue to be fan favorites.

    Trains have went from 9,000 tons to 17,000 tons,consequently 6,000 feet long to over 12,000 feet long. Placing DPU's at the end takes away the problem of front to rear EOT failures mandating the 30 mph speed limit. It reduces the manpower cost along with track occupancy issues. The big fear by TE&Y employees will be the reduction of crews to just one person. Some states have already begun to pass laws that require two man crews. The " situation " will continue to evolve as the belt tightening concerning profits gets perfected.
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