Nickel Plate, W&LE Cabooses

Nick Plate Jun 2, 2000

  1. Nick Plate

    Nick Plate E-Mail Bounces

    We are working with manufacturers to encourage models of Nickel Plate protoypes in N scale. Initial possibilities are for structure and caboose kits. We have a number of N scalers who are members of the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society.

    However, I would like to hear from others who may wish to model more NKP and W&LE.

    Our Web sites are at and
  2. Justin May

    Justin May TrainBoard Member

    I would be glad to provide some input here in the area of Cabeese. I would like to see some of the old NKP bay windows produced likewise a universal combination station used throughout the Midwest and other areas. If you could please provide us with some more information and some definite projects that y'all would consider. Thanks and have a good one , Justin May

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