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Keith Jun 27, 2019

  1. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Latest G Scale toy arrived this morning.
    An Aristo Craft Rio Grande RS-3. In need of help!
    Missing a horn, and several handrail stantions are broken.
    Was able to find a source for 3D printed replacement parts!
    Now, I need some additional help!

    Need to find the proper Airwire/Sound boards for it, so I can use it!
    Anyone know what the needed parts are?? I’ve searched some, but
    not finding much information. Gonna check the Phoenix site next, for sound.
    As always, help and/or information much appreciated.
  2. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Got a photo of this new toy?
  3. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter


    Not the greatest shot!
    Many damaged/missing parts.
    NOT indicated in description.
    Said it was a great unit!
    Louvers on left front are messed up as well.
    Did find a source, for 3D printed replacement parts though!
    Gotta test run it, and try to find Radio Control and Sound for it.
    Saw that Phoenix has the sound file for the RS-3.
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  4. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Ordered replacement parts. Got C-16 parts.
    Sent photo of incorrect parts, and invoice. Told there
    was a mix up while preparing to ship. Said to keep
    parts and new shipment would go out. No problems!
    Got proper replacement part a couple days ago!
    Now, I can try to get it reassembled! Almost ready to go!

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