1. jiebling

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    My story will be familiar to many. i began a life long interest in trains by being raised right next to the large marshalling yards in Chullora, a western suburbs part of Sydney Australia. In 1947 wheelslip was my alarm clock. My career took me to Hawaii in 1972 and the available space in the house we bought started my first layout.

    We moved in 1980 to California, no room for a layout, no time for anything except work. Later Florida, and in 2008, retirement and time to unpack all those boxes I had follow me around for almost thirty years. Now I'm back, DCC, 12 x 14' spaghetti bowl, changing brass to DCC, having fun. So i found this site, glad i did, thanks for having me.

    Best regards, Bob Leslie
    Lakeland Fl.,
  2. poppy2201

    poppy2201 TrainBoard Member

    Welcome Aboard!
  3. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    Hi Bob, Welcome to the TrainBoard, we're happy to have you aboard.

    I can relate to retirement and having the time to start all over again. I'd love to see photos of your "Spaghetti Bowl".

    BTW, I don't understand "wheelslip" relative to an alarm clock, unless your alarm clock sounded like a steam locomotive in full slip when the alarm went off. I'm sure it would be a neat sound, though a little surprising at Oh Dark Thirty in the morning. :tb-wacky:
  4. ZiggySpaz

    ZiggySpaz TrainBoard Member

    Great to have you Bob! There are a lot of really great people/modelers here. Smooth rails!

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