New Vintage Fuel Tankers from Trainworx

cfritschle May 11, 2017

  1. cfritschle

    cfritschle TrainBoard Member

    Pat Sanders sent this announcement from Trainworx this morning:

    “Good morning all,

    I have had many requests for vintage fuel tankers, so here you go.

    Peterbilt 350 with 32' tanker:

    Part # description

    55015 Esso

    55016 Gulf

    55017 Mobilgas

    55018 Shell

    55019 Texaco

    Peterbilt 351 with 32' tanker:

    Part # description

    55120 Chevron

    55121 Hess

    55122 Phillips 66

    55123 Sinclair

    55124 Sunoco

    55125 Union 76

    Each tractor trailer set will retail for $52.95 each. Pre orders are due June 30, 2017 with delivery expected early 2018. Please view the color flyers at the following links.

    At your service,

    Pat Sanders"

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  2. greatdrivermiles

    greatdrivermiles TrainBoard Member

    $52.95 msrp, woof! Manufacturing costs in china must have gone up again.
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  3. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

    I applaud Trainworx for there efforts in developing these very detailed and well made model trucks; but, I do so with a heavy heart.

    Sadly... I felt the MSRP was a bit excessive. Those e-tailers who have already posted these for reserve are discounting them heavily and yet they are still well above $30.00 a piece. Well... actually there are two pieces... tractor and trailer for well above $30.00 per set.

    Being a avid fan of the railroad tank cars... these would be a natural extension of that 'fetish'. There are 11 different oil companies portrayed on these models and I'd love to have at least one of each... and that would be about $400 for one of each. That price is alarming for a complete set... since a sound equipped locomotive most often cost about $400 or less.

    I find it hard to justify the price...even if I can afford it at this time. I will probably choose 2 or 3 models and reserve them at the high discount price... but I'm sure many modelers will be passing on these all-together. It's sad for me to feel that there will be so many modelers priced out of the market for these beautiful products.
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  4. Point353

    Point353 TrainBoard Member

    Could well be.
    At a train show earlier this year, Atlas previewed a line of 60' heavyweight passenger cars with an MSRP of $30 each.
    The official announcement, made this month, shows a new MSRP of $37 - a 25% increase.
  5. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member

    Yeah, prices are or will be a serious problem for everything. Fortunately for me these are too early for my time period. Plus I stocked up on the Concor Texaco trailers and the MT tank cars. One good thing about the higher prices is that the inventory of cars that I have will appreciate in value. That Atlas 90 ton hopper that I paid $2.00 for back in the 1980's is now about $20.00.
  6. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    I currently have 6 of the Micro Trains Shell tank cars...I just don't know if I can justify buying that truck...
  7. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    You can pre order them from a large supplier for somewhere around 38 bucks , I've got a couple on preorder !
  8. crappie610

    crappie610 TrainBoard Supporter

    i preordered 3

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