New UP Gevo

davidone Mar 10, 2010

  1. davidone

    davidone TrainBoard Member

    In the next couple of days UP will unveil a new paint scheme honoring the boy scouts 100th birthday. Beings i was a boy scout i'm hoping FVM will do this scheme. Should be neat.

  2. jnevis

    jnevis TrainBoard Supporter

    That will be ANOTHER one I'll have to buy.
    Just when I think I've finally decided to backdate my collection to run more of my WP Silver and Orange Geeps another special schemed 6 axle unit comes along. My road power is split almost evenly between WP 70s era and modern SDs, almost all of them Heritage units now this!!!! I guess I'll just have to build the WP Museum on the layout and run them as Specials.

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