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greatdrivermiles Jan 15, 2020

  1. greatdrivermiles

    greatdrivermiles TrainBoard Member

    Sorry about the delay, Finally getting these up after the website snafu. NEW Trucks for the New Year. 4 brand new modern trucks to compliment the new release of the Trainworx Cascadia.
    First up is the 2006 - 17 IH Prostar
    Second is the 2008 - present Bulldog Pinnacle Rawhide
    Third is the 2015 - present Western ⭐️ 5700xe
    Fourth is the 2018 - present Kay Dubya W990 with High top sleeper.
    All these trucks are available now at www.royalemodels.com
    20200106_120538.jpg 20200106_134107.jpg 20200103_054825.jpg 20200102_181039.jpg
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