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Tbone Dec 28, 2007

  1. Tbone

    Tbone Permanently dispatched

    My new train room is almost finished.I have all the exterior done and working on the interior now.It is 16 x 24 foot and will hold my Canadian and Eastern layout.It will be a 2 level layout with one helix.The lower level will mostly be industrial and the upper level will be the mountains with some snow scenery.I have posted the building and will post more photos as I go along.I do not have a true track plan yet but will post it when I get all the sidings in place.I have also began some of the structures and will post them as well.If you notice in the photo that I designed the building with one window for my air unit so that I could have as much unrestricted wall space as possible.I am not a carpenter by any means but I think the building came out well for my first attempt.When I am complete with the interior I figure that I will have around $2700 dollars in the building.Not too bad considering a carpenter wanted $6000 dollars to build it.It took me all year to do it but I did it all myself except for the electrical.It took a year to do but it is finally getting ready for benchwork and trains so it was all worth it.I will post more photos as I go.
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  2. OC Engineer JD

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    Looks fantastic and the money you saved can go to the layout and new trains! Really a great job, and thats alot of space for a double deck N Scale layout.:)
  3. AB&CRRone

    AB&CRRone TrainBoard Supporter

    Very nice! I think you are a carpenter. One of the things that was already installed when I bought my house is a window-mounted heat pump in the room that houses my layout. Both AC and heat. I never saw one elsewhere but it does a good job of cooling and heating.

  4. Young BNSF Fan

    Young BNSF Fan TrainBoard Member

    Wow thats is very nice and isolated. I wish i had that much space!!
  5. Colonel

    Colonel Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Excellent work, I assume you took the photo from the house? Look forward to seeing the track plan and watching your layout progress
  6. onegreenturtle

    onegreenturtle E-Mail Bounces

    t, it looks great, look forward to seeing your train skills.

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