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kevsmith Apr 10, 2017

  1. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    As a contrast to the venerable steam locos I find when I'm on my travels the scene at work is ultra modern. We've just taken delivery of some more of the fleet of new Class 88 25Kv AC/Diesel hybrids

    Built by Stadler in Spain (Formerly known as Vossloh) these are at the cutting edge of loco development in the U.K being one of Vossloh's Eurolite designs shrunk down to fit the british loading gauge

    First to arrive was 88 002 Prometheus


    The design uses the same basic bodyshell as our Class 68 diesels but packs 5,400 HP of electric traction with a 'last mile' Cat C27 diesel pumping out a respectable 950 HP. Changeover on traction can be done 'On the fly'

    88 006 Juno awaits commisioning


    88 010 Aurora and 88 007 Electra flank 68 027 which is yet to be named


    88 008 Ariadne


    Close up of 88 003 'Genesis'

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  2. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    Only 88002 has been out on test runs so far but was soon in real action rescuing a failed freight train in the Eden Valley during its light engine move.

    Seen on the southbound move a couple of hours before it drifts down the the steep gradient 'Shap' section of the West coast mainline at the famous railfan site of Scout Green


    Picture is a still taken from a short video I've put on youtube which also has a bit of double headed Class 68s on the Tesco rain at Lockerbie


    The names, as you can see, are based on Greek Mythology and the keen eyed will spot that some of these names were previously used on the Woodhead line 1500V DC EM2 electrics

    • 88001 – Revolution
    • 88002 – Prometheus
    • 88003 – Genesis
    • 88004 – Pandora
    • 88005 – Minerva
    • 88006 – Juno
    • 88007 – Electra
    • 88008 – Ariadne
    • 88009 – Diana
    • 88010 – Aurora
  3. Ed Slanina

    Ed Slanina TrainBoard Member

    Cool video, awesome units, nothing like what EMD built While I worked there.
  4. fitz

    fitz Staff Member

    Interesting looking machines, Kev. Thanks for posting.

    ZFRANK TrainBoard Member

    Hi Kev,
    Is the diesel able to haul trains over non electtrified lines? Or is it just to be able to drop off cars at un electrified sidings? So to say to spare out on a local switcher.
  6. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    They do have an interesting, and nice, look from the front. I'm also still impressed with the habit of naming each unit, that is a nice touch.
  7. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    Wind forward some months and the 88's are now well and truly in front line service. They have taken over a big chunk of the Cumbrian Coast freight work using the diesel engines to get to Currock Junction or Carnforth on diesel power before putting the Pan' up and going forward on 25Kv.

    I've still not shot as much stuff on these as I would have liked and the weather is starting to close in now so here is a video of the footage I've got so far. You'll notice I've done some 'Landscapey' shots around Kirkby and Foxfield for something different!

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