New N Scale Magazine.

AndrewWalliceMatheson Jun 24, 2000

  1. Hi Again, June 24th,2000.

    Re the New N Scale Magazine etc.
    I saw the Note Posted (June 16th). I'd like
    to know if its going to B say Better then
    "N Scale". I get both N Scale and Model
    Railroader Magazines so to get a New
    Magazine as a 3rd Edition to the Model
    know how it will B in terms of "Price in
    Canada" (ouch), and Quality of Material'
    Pictures, and things like "The Fun Side of
    Model railRoading", not just the Technical
    Side of it. I don't use "Peco Track" and I
    don't "Weather" my cars etc either.
    I'd like to see things like Steam,
    Passenger Trains, Eras - the 40s, 50s, 60s,
    and 70s as well as the present. What about
    Rolling Stock, not just say M.T. I have
    Cars all Types from Atlas, Con Cor, M.D.C.
    Deluxe, Inter Mountain, and Misc Brands.
    Lets Bring up Issues like Couplers,
    Track & Switches, Brand Names, Good or Bad
    Customer Services from Sores or Suppliers,
    Touch Issues, Comments, etc. I'd like to
    see in an Expanded Letters to the Editor,
    not just 3 or 4. In Short,Lets Make it an
    N Scale Magazine where WE all get some
    In Put and how about an E Mail Address, or
    WWW>com Web Site. Last of all, Id really
    like to see MORE IMFORMATION for oNeTrack,
    BendTrack, as well as Ntrack. Anyone Else
    Care to Comment. Floor all Yours.

    Best Regards,

  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I'll subscribe, even if its a rag! Just to see another n scale magazine out is a treat. [​IMG]

    Robert Ray
    The NP & UP N-Scale Railroad
  3. BC Rail King

    BC Rail King E-Mail Bounces

    I must be having a bad day becuase I can't remember names, but anyway, I heard that who ever the guy who started the whole thing is very good at doing N scale magazines, and magazines in general, I believe they also said that he models in N scale, so at least he models to begin with [​IMG] I saw a sticker price for 6.50 CAND on the front of the cover for the first issue, Andrew.

    Happy Railroading!!

    Dane N.

    BC Rail King for TAMR info.
  4. Gats

    Gats Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    The gent's name is Kirk Reddie. He was with Hundman Publishing until not so long ago editing their NSights column, and may still have ties to them. I believe he was also instrumental in the production of the N Scale Resource released last year.
    Kirk has been active in N Scale for years and is well known in the Pacific Northwest. From my reading on the magazine's format, I assume this will be similar to N Scale in content. Exactly how good it is remains to be seen but, with Kirk at the helm, it should be a great publication.


    Gary A. Rose
    The Unofficial TC&W page
    N to the Nth degree!
  5. eddelozier

    eddelozier TrainBoard Member

    I saw advertised in the May/June issue of 'Model Railroading' mag, a new book by Kirk Reddie. It's 'North American N Scale'. It can be ordered through the mag's web page, .
    82 pages of N scale layouts, etc. for $17.
    I guess he could be doing a mag as well.


    Eddie Delozier
    PRR N-scale

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