1. eagleman

    eagleman TrainBoard Member

    That's right a new loco from AZL but don't be scared off just yet because of me saying these are AZL. AZL has gone to injection molding and the price is significantly cheaper. Anyway you want to know what it is they are doing it is the SD70's. Here is the post made by Rob Kluz at Ztrak on the Z yahoo group.

    Seattle, WA... AZL has made public the impending release of EMD SD70 and EMD
    SD75s. This announcement was made during the National Train Show held over the
    weekend in Seattle, Washington. AZL will be releasing seven different
    configurations. The locos will be available in 12 roadnames. The release will be
    injected molded and feature a Faulhauber 8mm coreless motor, dual flywheels,
    working headlight and a decoder bay. Though subject to change, the proposed pricing
    for locomotive is approximately $225.00 each. The release is planned for late
    spring, early summer of 2005. The following roadnames and versions planned

    SD70 (standard cab) - Conrail, Illinois Central, NS
    SD70I - CNR
    SD70M - ATSF, NS, SP, UP
    SD70M (flared) - UP
    SD70MAC - Alaska, BNSF, Conrail, CSX, TFM
    SD75I - CNR
    SD75M - ATSF, BNSF

    Further information will appear in Ztrack Magazine as it becomes available.

    Rob Kluz

    Ztrack Magazine Ltd.
    6142 Northcliff Blvd.
    Dublin, OH 43016
    phone/fax: (614) 764-1703

    AZL has also released the F59PHI in many road names they have also made the Bombardiers, Surfliners, and California cars to go with the engines. These are all injection molded as well and the price reflects that. You just need to go to www.ztrack.com and check them out for yourself.
  2. Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan TrainBoard Member

    That's good news.

    I'm thinking of doing Z in parallel to my HO, and have just ordered a Marklin USA starter set to try it out. But the thought of building up a small fleet of locos at $500 a piece was rather heartstopping. By comparison, $225 a loco is just a bit scary [​IMG] .
  3. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I got to see the AZL F59PHI's run in Seattle last weekend, and they run fantastic! The engines were selling for $169, which is a very good deal for a flywheel equipt Z Scale engine.


    I ordered a Sounder train and a Surfliner train too. I can't wait till the SD70's come out. :D
  4. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Thats a great shot Pray!
  5. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Thanks OC! Everyone was wearing a smile like that at the NTS. That was Hans Riddervold, of AZL, getting to see his Sounders run on a big Z Scale layout for the first time. All the while, the real Sounders were running just outside the show at the King Street Station.

    Here is a photo of Harald Freudenreich of FR running his latest release, an F40PH in Caltrain paint. I see these trains all the time here in the SF bay area:


    -Robert ;)
  6. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Looks like it's Z scales turn to take off, and grow!

    Hey Robert- Any more views of that layout? Who had it? Track plan? Or?


    Boxcab E50
  7. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Tom Gilchrist, Andy Hunting, and Jim Glass were out gracious hosts. They had setup a bunch of tables for guests to (BYOZ) bring your own Z scale small layouts and run during the show.

    Tom has a fantastic website complete with videos, photos, and 360 degree views of their modules.

    Northwest Pacific Z Scalers

    They won 3rd place over all the layouts at the show, and here is their page with hundreds of shots from the Seattle NTS:

    2004 NTS Z Scale Shots
  8. Curn

    Curn TrainBoard Member

    I saw this on the Marklin website a few days ago.

    Coming soon.

    Makes me want to get into z scale
  9. eagleman

    eagleman TrainBoard Member

    Did Micro-Trains announce that they were making a GP 35 at the NTS. If they are this is great but a little mouse told me different at one time.
  10. rray

    rray Staff Member

    I asked at the MT booth, and they did not say what their next Z Scale engine was, but someone at the show must have got it out of them because everyone was talking GP-35.

    I would have though GP-38, as that was a more common GP for hauling container trains as I used to see all the time in Idaho in the late 80's (the time period of their new well cars)

    What info I did get from a reputable industry insider, and was, and am sworn not to repeat was the number of small Maxon motors they bought. A lot! :D Something is coming next year. ;)
  11. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize TrainBoard Member

    Pop over to the website.
    Can't tell... Can you get just the Bombardier Cars?
  12. rray

    rray Staff Member

    As far as I know, the cars are only sold with the F59's. You can buy the F59's seperately though.

    There is a box of stuff due from Ajin, which may be the Sounder sets. That's one of the sets I ordered. I should probably order a spare engine. :D
  13. EDModels

    EDModels TrainBoard Member

    This is good news, because I'm finding it really hard to save for a $500+ C44-9W in NS paint from AZL!!!

    It's good to see this scale is growing as well!

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