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JKramer328 Jul 22, 2010

  1. JKramer328

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    Building an N scale ayout currently the layout is 3x8 soon to be 6x8.
    Cureently using KATO Unitrack using both Double track and single track (have brand new boxes waiting for more expansion), several double crossovers, turntable, and small switchyard. A commuter rail system is included in layout, but is currently not linked to regular layout.
    BUT have a mixture of locomotive units colorful and varied... -
    Bloody Nose - GP-9,(2) GP-18, C-62B units. GP-40 Dummies (4)
    Tiger Stripe - VO-1000.
    Daylight Series - GP-40 units (2)
    Black Widow F3A (3) and F3B (2) units F7A unit.
    SOUTHERN SD-7 unit
    CSX U-36-B (2)

    Sort of a fantasy combination. New layout for a spare bedroom (11x10), TONS of Southern Pacific locos because of living and grew up near Eugene, OR massive switchyard, from the 60s to late 80s.
    Running DC but converting to DCC, using an MRC Prodigy set (complete and unused), will be converting to wireless and notebook to help run this layout.
    Mostly ballasting tracks after careful placement, still working on scenic stuff like tunnels, bridges already done, more industries being planned.
    Started on DCC programming on sevral engines, waiting for more DCC modules to arrive. only thinking of maybe two DCC sound moduled engines to NOT annoy wife or scare the cat too much (Otis loves sittin in a chair and watch the engines and rolling stock move around the layout.:tb-ooh:
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    Could you share a track plan? Perhaps some photos of your empire? Seeing what others are doing is always good fun.

    Boxcab E50
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