New Dash 9-44CW Offerings From ScaleTrains

Martin Station Nov 16, 2020

  1. Martin Station

    Martin Station TrainBoard Member

    I see that ScaleTrains is coming out with some new BNSF and NS Dash 9s. The NS are "top hats" and the BNSF include "Frankenloco's" that were damaged by fire and had the center long hood replaced with one from an earlier paint scheme. The one that I really like is BNSF 4560 which had the door on the front short hood replaced with one from a Conrail Quality unit. I would guess it was damaged while on Conrail and repaired in their shops?
    These are good times for N scale. I'm really looking forward to when they announce the BNSF Heritage Tier 4s in N scale which I hope would be soon.
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