New Bright G Scale TOY trains, and my plans to use them.

DieCastoms Nov 16, 2007

  1. rush2ny

    rush2ny TrainBoard Member

    Sorry that I am late to the party here but may I just welcome you aboard. I actually have a similar set (albeit, christmas themed) that I run around the tree every year. Both myself and my kids get great enjoyment from it. I never thought about throwing it out into the garden. Now you've got my creative juices flowing!

  2. Triplex

    Triplex TrainBoard Member

    That's Gauge 1. I meant trains the same scale as Bachmann or LGB, and thus an even larger gauge.
  3. NM Sandrail

    NM Sandrail New Member

    Decided to try a new G gauge size Model Railroad project.. Saw this article ( Garden Railways October 1997) of a homebuilt switch engine built from a Christmas set New Bright locomotive. Years ago, I did a New Bright locomotive up with rechargeable 7.2 volt battery for my grandson and it ran really well. Anyway, back to my plans, I have one New Bright locomotive still and hope my little brother in Central Kansas can find me, several more to build up.. Great winter project to build 3 of these... G Gauge switcher 001.jpg
  4. NM Sandrail

    NM Sandrail New Member

    About 1996, I started on a rebuild project for G Guage Model Railroading.. To make a Reo Railcar, like the shortlines used when it got too expensive to run steam engines for reducing incomes.. I used a New Bright baggage car and used a New Bright locomotive chassis under it, with single drive wheel set.. When I do complete it, (Winter 2013), it will be similar to this photo, off the internet.. Rechargeable battery power also, plus controls from an r/c car...
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  5. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Looks like both of your projects came out quite nicely!
  6. nscaler711

    nscaler711 TrainBoard Member

    Well Your not as bad as i am lol
    New Bright sure kicks the tar out of buying a G scale Thomas the Tank engine for getting started in the garden aspect...
    when i bought it, it was for my work, i used to work at a candy store in a mall that the owner had some LGB Stainz locos running around and im like this is a candy store therefore kids... so went out and bought Thomas lol

    although i did manage to get His front light to actually work... (respond if you'd like to know how and ill start a new thread)
    and if anyone knows where I can get a decent diesel (4-6 axle) for around 250 let me know...

    anyways i know about being on a budget i am slowly paying off a MTH HO Big Boy that has not been released yet lol i keep buying trains but Ive done nothing for scenery or structures.... and i keep redesigning my track plan.... even though it mostly nailed to cork and wood lol well atleast running trains is fun and i cant wait to have some G scale for the winter.
  7. ScaleCraft

    ScaleCraft TrainBoard Member

    I have...4 pieces of NewBlight on my line. All the old tank cars, handrails stripped off....mounted on cut up and repurposed aristo water tank legs (8 posts per)...they are locomotive fuel oil tanks.
    That's all I'm going to say about NewBlight.....
  8. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    Maybe we should start a NewBright forum here.*S*
  9. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    Welcome to the site. I have a few New Bright myself. We all know that G scale is expensive (we all have other things that are more important and come first before trains) I always hunt for a bargain. I've been buying G scale stuff for a while now and I still don't have enough to start an outdoor layout. I try to weigh my options. I only buy this and that and don't go overboard but I try to buy the good stuff LGB, Aristo Craft etc. Anyway I think whatever you can afford as long as you have fun with it that is all that matters.
  10. Dameon

    Dameon TrainBoard Member

    Wow, this thread is old and I wonder if the OP is still around. It would be too bad if he is gone because...

    I grew up south of Worcester, MA. I knew the Edaville RR as a child and the cranberry bogs!

    I am currently living in South Carolina, so not to far from anybody in GA...

    My first (and only so far) Garden Railroad was entirely New Bright! Back in the early 90s my dad and I were visiting relatives, got bored and went shopping. We happened upon this store that sold odd lots, damaged and salvaged goods. They had bins, bins!, full of track, trains, half torn apart boxed sets, bins of track you could dive into (literally, I climbed into one to dig for parts). My father and I knew what we had found and what it was worth and this stuff was going for rock bottom trash prices. We filled our car up and then went back and filled it up again. We had to UPS it all back home in big boxes. Multiple locomotives, tank cars, box cars, cabooses (even made one into a lamp!), switches, even the little buildings. My dad's prize was finding some of the Disney sets and getting the Disney Locomotive with multiple passenger carriages. The next summer we built a Garden Railroad out of it all! Those were some good memories, I don't really remember my father being more excited about anything than he was that day.

    Somewhere, in the attic of the barn, there are boxes still sealed and filled with what is left from all that, years ago.
  11. DieCastoms

    DieCastoms TrainBoard Member

    Yes, believe it or not, I am still lurking around! I'll reply to all of the threads from 2013, starting with NM Sandrail..

    If you're still watching.

    NM SandRail I would like to know if you ever took on those two projects? It looks like you included what you WANTED to do in your post, not pojects you'd finished.

    nscaler711, You know.. I have a nice, heavy, 4-axle loco here that i'd be willing to part with. It is the Aristocraft "Teddy Bear" loco. It;s in storage right now (not hard to get to), so I don't have actual pics. It will need a little bit of work, because if I remember correctly, the wires are all cut. I was going to try putting RC and a battery in the boiler. Here are a few links I scraped off the 'net and old ebay auctions:$T2eC16d,!)sFIZJRjO4pBSN)iYGBmg~~60_35.JPG

    ScaleCraft, I know people with soda bottles and pringles cans 'hiding' on their layout. Where ever you can get a base for a structure, whether originally train related or not, as long as the outcome blends in well, who cares? I am sure a couple doctored up NewBlight tankers cost a whole lot less than 4 g-scale fuel tank kits.

    oldrk, why not? they are still trains, even if cheap, plastic, or "toys" and some of them are really nicely detailer or make great bases or even just mechs for other beautiful projects..

    N-Builder, it amuses me a little that you are welcoming me to the site when my account is two years older than yours :p Thank you for the welcome though, it is appreciated. If nscaler711 is not interested in it, I do have that Aristo 0-4-0 that I will let go for a low price.

    Finally Dameon. You say "South of Worcestor" .. how far south? I grew up in Thompson Ct, which is JUST over the line on 395. any of the first three exits are within 10 miles of home! My parents both worked in Worcestor in a few different places, Buffalo Tank being one of them where Dad welded under-ground fuel tanks for gas stations. I'm currently in Augusta Georgia about 20 minutes from "Masters" and about half way between the Savannah River project, and Fort Gordon.
    I would LOVE to get my hands on that barn ;)
    Unfortunately, the property I am on in Georgia is honestly open on all four sides to the views of neighbors, so there wont be much garden railroading going on..

    I have pretty much decided to move away from railroading, because, to be honest, it's too permanent ... It has to have a "built" structure of layout or something and if and when you move, it stays behind and you start over (keep in mind that when I have moved, it has been by bus or ironically train.. it's not possible to carry a dozen modules in the overhead compartment..

    So now I've moved on to this guy:
    truck is 23 inches long and is 1/10th scale. All electric, not nitro-powered. It is RC of course. The wheels are "1.9" inch in diameter, and overall the tire is 4 inches tall. If you put a 24-pack of soda flat on the floor, I can drive completely over it 'without slowing down'. I can drive up and over 6-inch cement city curbs (not the sloped asphalt once, but a vertical face with square profile):

    Anyways, I know it's not a truck forum so I'll stop there!

    Thanks everyone for resurrecting the ancient thread :)

    DieCastoms (Michael).

    P.S. When replying to a forum thread, on *ANY* forum, before you hit submit, ALWAYS hit CTRL A, and then CTRL C. Then hit post. if something happens that the forum loses your ENTIRE post, links and all, at least you still have it on your clip board and can just paste it (CTRL V) and try again. . . *sighs*
  12. Dameon

    Dameon TrainBoard Member

    Charlton Depot. I lived nearly track-side. Did you know of "Ronnie's" restaurant? The had "wicked" good Haddock! Though, I was young and not driving yet, so I never really learned the geography and directions too well to know how far exactly I was from the state line. Now I am west of Greenville, SC. To bad about the yard, I'd be willing to part with what's left though I have no idea what's in those boxes anymore. If the neighbor thugs shot your pool, I can only imagine what fun they'd have stomping toy trains.
  13. Nevadablue

    Nevadablue TrainBoard Member

    I'm glad you are still around Michael. I'm having a hoot building models and playing with the New Bright stuff I snag off of eBay for cheap. This is my first locomotove... I still need to weather it. It is fun to watch shuttling back and forth on a straight section of track. I don't have much room... I did create a successful switch from New Bright track too, one curve, one straight and a reversing section.

  14. Twigboy

    Twigboy TrainBoard Member

    I'm interested in pics and instructions, please. The loco looks great. What paint did you use to cover the chromed pieces? Thanks.
  15. Nevadablue

    Nevadablue TrainBoard Member

    I'll try to get some pics of the switch. The locomotive was painted with Rustoleum satin black. I also used some water based black enamel.
  16. Twigboy

    Twigboy TrainBoard Member

    Thanks. That's some cool engineering. I suppose getting the correct length on the curve took some thought.

    I'm off to get a razor saw -- to take a shot at raising the cab roof like you did, and maybe I'll get to the switches.
  17. Nevadablue

    Nevadablue TrainBoard Member

    I just laid the curve over the reversing section, said TLAR (that looks about right) and started cutting. :)

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