Need help - DCC++ with Arduino Mega 2560 & Deek-Robot Motor Shield

Nagamin Mar 24, 2020

  1. Nagamin

    Nagamin New Member

    Hi all, thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
    I have set up my Arduino Mega 2560 with a Deek-Robot Motor Shield.
    I cut the trace from the Motor Shield as I'm putting 15V through it for a HO setup.
    I have pins 2 & 13 connected on the Arduino.
    When I load through Auduino IDE > Tools > Serial Monitor, I connect successfully to COM”4 as <iDCC++ BASE STATION FOR ARDUINO<iDCC++ BASE STATION FOR ARDUINO MEGA / ARDUINO MOTOR SHIELD: V-1.2.1+ / Mar 23 2020 16:54:07><N0: SERIAL>

    I pass diagnostics process as instruct on All light on for <1> commend, lights are blinking alternately when <D> commend was sent.
    I connect with JMRI PanelPro. I used programing track for testing. Heard engine sound when track power on. I’m able to read decoder info, I can make change and add into Roster.

    But Issue start when I try to use Throttle. Train not moving, all 4 lights on motor shield out put no blinking. No DCC signal came out from motor shield.

    Any idea?
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  2. RCMan

    RCMan TrainBoard Member

    Are you trying to move the engine on the programming track? It will not do that. Place the Engine on the main output.
  3. Nagamin

    Nagamin New Member

    RCMan, thanks for reminding. Finally I got working. I reset to default and delete roster entry. Then rebuild roster , reprogram then move to main track.
    Appreciate your help.

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