LN Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis RY history?

BoxcabE50 Apr 17, 2023

  1. BoxcabE50

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    Anyone have a book handy? I believe in the past someone did....

    Anyhow, while scanning my NC&St.L train order collection this weekend, I noticed something which made me curious. Two place with similar names. One is Kingston, Georgia. The other is Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

    Was there someone in the history of this company, by the name of Kingston, which might have led to naming both of these offices?
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  2. Hardcoaler

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    I'm not sure about Kingston Springs, TN, but Kingston, GA was named after John Pendleton King, a Senator and President of the Georgia Railroad and Banking Co.. The Georgia Railroad and Banking Co. is associated with the GARR, A&WP and WRofA, not the NC&StL, but he clearly had influence in railroad investment and expansion. King did live in TN at a young age, but south of Nashville. Kingston Springs, TN is west of Nashville.

    This kind of thing is interesting isn't it? I wish I had more on the NC&StL.
  3. gmorider

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    Interesting info. I will interchange with the NC when I build the next full size Union City module. I also have three NC covered hoppers as well. An NC caboose is planned. I do not have a lot of detailed info though.
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