Narrow shelf layout in HO benchwork progress

v_z_gK_Z_289333312 Nov 13, 2018

  1. vince p

    vince p TrainBoard Member

    Coming along nicely .

    Just the sky makes a lot of difference .

    Looks like someone was having fun switching lol.
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  2. flexeril

    flexeril TrainBoard Member

    Looking really good! Love the wood selection. I am planning something similar in N scale. The module would be 2x6 as I think 8 ft long would give me a bit of an issue when moving it from the basement to somewhere else in the house.

    How heavy do you think this module is?

    One thing I would do is to paint the bottom of the module white. I've done this on another layout and it makes it easier to see the wires and stuff under the layout.

    Looking forward to more updates!
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  3. v_z_gK_Z_289333312

    v_z_gK_Z_289333312 TrainBoard Member

    I am not sure. It's somewhat heavy, but I have managed to carry it myself up the stairs in my house, slung under an arm with my other arm holding it steady. This is more difficult now with the background board attached - my wife helped me move it up and down the stairs with that attached. I have been able to lift the whole thing on and off the shelf bracket no problem, myself, though. The issue is just now with the background it's trickier to sling under an arm to go through doors by myself with it.

    I could remove the background I suppose.

    Thanks for the tip! I'm glad you like it! It has been a really fun project so far. I'm really glad I went 8' especially doing HO. I have just a bit more room to work with. (I was originally planning 4-6' but decided on 8' since it would fit on the wall and give me more room to expand.)

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