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Sumner Nov 20, 2020

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    Instead of adding to the other thread on track laying tools/aids I thought it best to start a second one to avoid some confusion. The other thread has track locators and such that are designed if you want to use the more common track center-line of 1-1/4" (1.250"). Some prefer a little narrower track center-line so I'm also adding these with the 1/8" narrower center-line.

    (NOTE: I can't go back and change/add to the other thread title to say 'for 1-1/4" Track Center-lines'. If a moderator could do that I'd appreciate it as I think it would be less confusing. Then also delete this note if possible, thanks)


    These are some track laying tools/aids that you can 3D print. On my previous post most of the tools other than the first one were meant to create 1.250” track center-lines. On this page the tools are meant to create 1.125” track center-lines.

    The first two are inspired by a tool that use to be quite available. It is a simple block with two grooves for the track. Sliding it back and forth on the block makes it quick and easy to either straighten out a not-so-straight piece of flex track or by twisting it slightly it is easy to put a curve into a piece of flex track. I saw a YouTube of someone using one and tried to get one. Finally found 'one' in a store's stock in Canada and bought it. Not sure if they are easier to find now or not but the 3D printed one seems to work exactly the same.


    The other items shown here are track locators for two parallel tracks or the second can be used to locate 3 or more tracks. I got the idea for making them after seeing some that Rick had printed out and used on a layout he was working on. Not sure if he has the files he used available or not. Take a minute and look at what he is working on and how he used his track locators ( HERE ).

    I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of this page.








    You can print the track locators in a narrow width (shown above) or a wider width. They both could be weighted if needed to help hold the track in place. The wider ones can hold a can of soup for weight.

    You can find the print files for the tools/aids shown on this page ( HERE ).

    If you need tools for 1.250 ( 1 1/4”) track center-lines you can find them ( HERE ).

    Here is a link to these items on my web site.....


    You can find all the files to 3D print this object and others on my thingiverse.com account ( HERE ).


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