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billmtx Oct 28, 2010

  1. Onizukachan

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    Bill, I didn’t build out the frame at all beyond using the supplied LL extensions.
    I installed a very narrow strip of 1/16” foam on each side of the shell. Works like a Kato to release the chassis.
    And I cut a couple of thin strips of cardstock and glued to the top of chassis for vertical height as I felt it was a mm too low as is.

    What I did do was install a “dashboard” and rear deck lid also made from card (cut down Kato packaging in my case since green) for light control on the body since my LEDs are chassis mounted.
    Glad to take a picture tonight if it will be helpful?
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    Thanks!! I just got off their site and it has exactly what I am looking for!! I just wish some of the HO models were available in N but for now this will work... I only have 26" of modules atm anyway!
  3. bremner

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    They have made more in the past
  4. engineer bill

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    yes please that would be very helpful
  5. Onizukachan

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    Bill, I’ll be posting in my home thread so as not to massively derail the TTRAK thread.
    I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

    Edit: PCC update posted in my home thread. Please click the link in my sig if you haven’t visited it before.

    Here’s a teaser.

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  6. randgust

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    I had six T-trak modules at the Altoona show; the newest one is an experiment as well as a test track. This is a standard T-trak triple (and I use Peco C55 on cork between Kato joiners) with a test loop of Nn3 on 5" radius oval successfully stuck in the middle. This is my test track for the Nn3 Climax kits, as well as a proving ground for Mark Graulty's code 40 tie strips and rail idea on the siding track (switches come later). The Nn3 stuff on Kato-like ballast is Rokuhan Z, including the turnout.

    Mark is working on Code 40 switches, when he gets those working I'll likely tear up all the sectional track and replace it with Code40.

    Down the road this will be an Nn3 small circular sawmill for the McCabe Lumber Company in West Hickory, PA (1904-1908) that was a pocket-sized operation with about 2 miles of track and a single 36" gauge Climax A serving a small mill alongside the PRR. Never have found a photo, locomotive was only photographed by its second owner.

    But if you want to dabble in Nn3 this is one way to do it. The cars are Showcase miniatures log cars and 25' flatcars (that one via Shapeways), and a Bachmann old-time 36' boxcar with Nn3 trucks under it. The two little ore buckets are RP printed by Mark Graulty. With the gearhead motor, the top speed of the Climax A is about 20 scale miles per hour.

    Photos by Lee Farnsworth as I was pretty distracted with the vendor booth for a couple of days.



    The other 'big news' at Altoona (at least to me) was that CMR products is offering laser-cut plywood T-trak module bases, predrilled, tab alignment, for pretty much every standard T-trak module configuration out there. With the closing of T-kits, it's good to see another vendor jumping in there to fill a need. The precut and predrilled boxes looked very nice to me. They also had all the various Anderson Powerpole components that I used to get from T-kits.

    I have my own home woodshop, so its easier for me, but for things like end turn modules that's looking better and better now that I have enough modules to almost set up my own show here.

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  7. tracktoo

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    For those who haven't seen @randgust 's modules, they are actual models of prototypical scenes. He shows (as do some others) what you can accomplish modelling prototypical scenes on these small modules. :cool: His execution and attention to detail is outstanding!

    For anyone interested there is more info on that Nn3 track and the Code 40 system I have been developing in the Narrow Gauge section with some introductory and development pictures including my small test track to be used testing locos and rolling stock. It has a couple of the smallest Rokuhan 55mm turnouts installed. The Code 40 track and Rokuhan turnout adapters are ready to go and the more prototypical Code 40 RTR turnouts will soon be available. The link: https://www.trainboard.com/highball...ing-a-new-nn3-code-40-flex-tie-system.124966/
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