N Scale Product Announcement - Briggs Models MLW M-420 & M-420B Conversion Kits

BCR 570 Nov 5, 2012

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    Product Announcement – Briggs Models M-420 & M-420B Conversion Kits
    The following announcement is on behalf of Jeff Briggs. Briggs Models is pleased to announce the release of conversion kits for the MLW M-420 and M-420B in N Scale. The conversion kits are intended for the Atlas B30-7 or B36-7 chassis (not included).

    Each kit contains a resin body shell, resin add-on parts, etched metal detail parts, phosphor bronze wire for the handrails, laser cut window glass inserts, and flexible wire for the chassis modifications. There are alternate parts for the dynamic brakes, radiator, and steps.

    The resin parts include ZWT truck side frames, fuel tanks (three versions), pilot/step assemblies, rebuilt steps (BCR), CN pilots, frame strips with air tanks, battery boxes, bell and bracket, light housings, roof inserts for dynamic brake and non-dynamic brake versions, radiators (original and rebuilt versions), and jig for drilling ditch lights.

    The etched metal parts include alternate carbody panels, cut levers, grab irons, brake wheel, number boards, numerous cab details, radiator walkways, and handrail stanchions.
    Directions for downloading a set of comprehensive illustrated instructions are provided.

    Whats In The Bag (M-420):


    Whats In The Bag (M-420B):


    In addition to the Atlas chassis, the kits also require couplers, horns and snow plows. The correct horns and plows are available from Miniatures By Eric.

    Unlike previous Briggs Models conversion kits, it should be noted that these kits requires some modification to the Atlas chassis including replacement of truck sideframes and pick-up wipers. They also require the assembly of handrails.

    The kits will yield an accurate representation of the MLW M-420 as operated by Canadian National and British Columbia Railway, or the BCR M-420B. These locomotives were subsequently sold to short line operators, where in some cases they remain in operation today.

    Completed Sample by Jeff Briggs:



    The kits retail for $100.00 CAD plus shipping and are available direct from www.briggsmodels.ca . Production is complete and kits are shipping now.


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