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nbrail Aug 8, 2000

  1. nbrail

    nbrail E-Mail Bounces

    First, I would like to thanks all of you who assisted me with my "identity crisis".

    I have decided, (at 90%) that I would give N scale a chance. I have however a few questions still in the back of my mind....here we go

    1. Can uncoupling be accomplished the same with N as in HO using magnetic ramps?

    2. If one can handlay HO turnouts, can one do the same in N.

    3. Will my HO powepack work with N

    4. Any easy calculations to convert curve radius, i.e. a 30" radius in HO would be of x" in N

    Thanks in advance for the info.

  2. sd75mac

    sd75mac Guest

    1. Yep, same way
    2. Yep, just a little harder because of the size.
    3. Yep. HO power packs will work with n-scale
    4. A 30" HO radius is a 30" N radius. Don't try anything lower than 9"

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    Harold Riley
  3. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    As far as mininum radius, depends on what your rolling stock will be. If you're running nothing but small loco's and "shorty-forties" then the 9" radius will work. Anything big, I wouldn't go less than 12" and that would be in hidden staging areas. By the way, WELCOME TO N-SCALE! WOOF!

    Brent Tidaback, Member #234 and a N-Scaler to boot!
  4. tunnel88

    tunnel88 TrainBoard Member

    If i won some big money i would build a second layout in N because of the scenic possibilities. And those 'little trains' just look so neat! [​IMG]

    I started to build some N No. 12 turnouts in Code 40 then got pulled into another project. Just be patient, but it's definetely doable.

    HO is where it's at---- [​IMG]
  5. porkypine52

    porkypine52 TrainBoard Member

    Welcome to the world of N-Scale. It can be a bit confusing going into N-Scale. Now answers to your questions:
    1) YES Check out the best N-Scale magnetic coupler system, MICRO-TRAINS. This is a offshoot of KADEE in HO. MT makes the best, check out their website. www.micro-trains.com for details.
    2) If you have the time and patience to hand lay your track go ahead.
    3)Yes you can use the same power pack, no problem. Digital Command Controll is coming on strong in N-Scale also.
    4)A 30" radius is the same in any scale. I think what you mean is there any easy way to change curve sizes from HO to N? For a quick way to change plans from HO to N, is to use about 1/2 HO size for N. If a track plan calls for a 40" radius in HO, 20" will be real close to the correct size for N. This idea will give you a "In the Ballpark" figure for going from HO to N.
    If you are just getting into N-Scale try to look around your local area for a N-Scale club. Ask at the local Hobby shop,if you have one, if there is a local club. You might be surprised. Check out N-SCALE MAGAZINE for many good ideas in N-Scale.

    Feel free to ask any question you want, you will get a good cross section of answers here at the TRAINBOARD.

    Just remember: The only difference between the men and the boys are the price of their toys, and the boys are still working with HO!! LOL hehehehehe

    'Nuff Said

    Let's Go Run Trains
  6. Colonel

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    I don't think you will regret choosing N scale. I started modelling N scale 4 years ago and haven't regretted it. I enjoy being able to build a lot of railroad in a small space.

    good luck with your modelling

  7. Gats

    Gats Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by porkypine52:
    Just remember: The only difference between the men and the boys are the price of their toys...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Or... he who dies with the most toys, wins! [​IMG]

    Welcome to the real world, J-Marc!


    Gary A. Rose
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  8. Grantha

    Grantha TrainBoard Member

    Welcome to the world of N Scale.

    With regards to handlaying turnouts in N Scale it is very doable. I have found the best method is to use PC board ties and solder the rails to them rather than hand spiking them. This technique was shown in a Model Railroader article some time ago. I do not recall which edition it was in though.

    Good luck!

    The Future of N Scale is so bright I gotta wear shades! [​IMG] !
  9. Robin Matthysen

    Robin Matthysen Passed Away October 17, 2005 In Memoriam

    It may seem needless to mention this but when changing an HO plan to N remember to leave aisles and accesses in human scale. Layout width and radius changes are fine as long as you can reach them.

    Maberly and Tayside
  10. tunnel88

    tunnel88 TrainBoard Member

    Robin, you could leave them just as they are, but you might have to go on an extended slimfast diet!!!

    Regarding that remark about the price of the boy's toys-
    If i recall an HO Brass SD70MAC was about twice as expensive as the N scale counterpart! [​IMG]

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