N Scale Garage Layout

samtown191914 Jan 11, 2015

  1. bkloss

    bkloss TrainBoard Supporter

    I have my N scale layout in a 2 car garage in east county San Diego and have no issues. I do try to lay a lot of my track when it is hot outside. I also use a mix of white glue and matte medium to hold the track in place. The mixture allows some flexibility so when it gets hot; the track can give a little bit without popping the bead of simple white glue. If an issue arises with rail expansion; dremel is my tool of choice to cut a gap - quick and easy. I use dcc so it is not an issue as I have many power feeder drops. My floor is carpeted and I don't leave the door open for any length of time. Track cleaning is very easy with a combination of methods; track cleaning cars and cotton with 90 proof alcohol to swipe the rails (and switches) does the job. Never use a bright boy eraser on atlas code 55 switches as they are "delicate"

  2. samtown191914

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    I really appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions. At this point, I almost have not choice but to place the layout in the garage. I'll be leaning on you guys when I kick off building I hope next month. I'll keep you guys in the loop to my progress.

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