N Scale Freight Car Height

CedarCreek Oct 27, 2019

  1. bill pearce

    bill pearce TrainBoard Member

    No, the coupler is right on what is needed, because when it was truck mounted it sat much lower that the underside of the car. All that was needed was a bit of judicious filing of the bolster

    I just mention two places where you were wrong. First, everyone there was unlikely to be "self styled experts" and second, At most of the meets, there are men and women who have studied a subject thoroughly and have published more than one book on the subject. And with only one visit toone event with your lack of open mindedness, how can you make the judgement that they were self styled? Maybe they just told you something you didn't want to hear. I hope you enjoy your style of modeling and I have no wish that you would do it differently if it is what satisfies you.
  2. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    1. Make an 'interchange' car with body mount only on one end.
    2. Carefully select and photo graph a few coupled cars .
    3. Body mount and lower those cars.
    4. Photograph the cars in the exact same order and location on your layout.
    If you like the result keep going.
    That said:
    If your concern is scale accuracy? Build from scratch.

    For me? I'm a runner, not a modeler.
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  3. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member


    Really Bill??? Did we strike a nerve here? Okay, let's end this conversation before it gets out of hand. I'll put you on my ignore list and you do likewise to me. Done.
  4. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    I was out walking on this beautiful, (Boston), autumn day and Your thread crossed my mind.
    If the content of your album, "My Train Stuff' is all yours then you have some pretty serious modeling skills and have bee at it for quite a while. I'm sure you know that the very nature of model railroading draws an extremely wide spectrum of people ranging from historians and rivet counters to 'do your own thing folks'.

    In Short:
    It is your railroad. Do what you want.

    Me? I run bullet trains and steam locos beside my unit trains of Mystrium. Still, if you would like to build a bridge for me I'd be delighted.
  5. bill pearce

    bill pearce TrainBoard Member

    Inkaneer, you have achieved your goal and I mine. You got a chance to vent on someone that disagrees with your position, and I got a chance to promote the possibility that others may wish to become more prototypically oriented. Goodbye.
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  6. CedarCreek

    CedarCreek TrainBoard Member

    I rest my case...

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