N Scale Crossing Diamonds ....

Sumner Nov 18, 2020

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    I designed crossing center diamonds for some of the popular crossing angles and put the print files up on my thingiverse.com account ( HERE ). You can read about why I came up with 3D printed diamonds ( HERE ).


    Fast Tracks has printable crossing templates for 14, 19, 30 and 45 degree crossings. I made diamonds for those along with 60 and 90 degree crossing diamonds. Not sure why Fast Tracks didn't make templates for those but might be because the diamonds are harder to make and put isolation gaps in vs. the 14-45 degree crossings.


    You can find the print files for the ones shown above ( HERE ).

    You can find all the files to 3D print this object and others on my thingiverse.com account ( HERE ).

    A link to my web site on this ....


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