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Sumner Jun 28, 2020

  1. Sumner

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    The idea for this building came from a building I rented in Laramie, Wyo in the early 70's while going to college there. It actually had two business spaces on the first floor and the second floor was all sleeping rooms. I lived in one of the business spaces and rented the other out to someone who used it for storage. I rented all the upstairs rooms mainly to other college students. It was probably the oldest building downtown in Laramie and the other side of the street was Union Pacific's main line. The building shook every time a train went by. It is still there and Dottie and I visited it in 2018 on a motorcycle ride we took to Wyoming. It is a restaurant now with the two business parts connected with a walk-thru.

    This building only has one business downstairs and you reach the upstairs with a stairway on the outside of the south wall where my building had a stairway up the back and wasn't wood siding like this one is. So not much in common between the real building and the fictitious one.



    The front is in two parts and I glued them together after this picture was taken and after I painted them separately.



    I'm a pretty fast, quick and dirty painter. You can probably do better. I also still have to apply glazing to the window openings so in the latter pictures the roof has not been glued on. I'll use Micro Kristal Klear on the smaller windows and .005 clear Plastruct styrene on the larger ones.




    As noted in the picture above stairs, walkway and railings still need to be added to the south side wall. You can find the files to print those on my thingiverse account.


    Overall I'm happy with my first attempt at designing a building using Fusion 360 and it went pretty quick actually. I have files for walls that are 22' X 50' that I designed. I can quickly cut them into any size smaller and then cut window and door openings into them and make a window or door in a couple minutes. I also have the option to print doors individually that can be plugged/glued into an opening in a wall.

    More pictures and info on the building here...


  2. Joe Lovett

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    Sumner, you are having way too much fun with your printer. Keep up with your progress. Looking forward to your next project.

  3. gmorider

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    Great project!
  4. SLSF Freak

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    Looks great, Sumner! This reminds me of a project I had planned several years ago but never got to. Might be inspired to dust off those plans again and see if I can knock that one out! (y)

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