N Scale B&O I-1 Caboose - Photon Mono X

skipgear Dec 3, 2020

  1. S t e f a n

    S t e f a n TrainBoard Member

    Thanks, that's very helpful. I'm still waiting for the Elegoo Saturn to become available and drive down the Photon Mono X price. But you are making a good argument (long print time, more chance for misalignments/lines) against putting too much importance on the larger print height, which seems to be the main difference between the Saturn and the Mono X.
  2. PolishFinnish

    PolishFinnish TrainBoard Member

    I've experimented with rivets but I haven't had much luck as you've had. Part of me is debating on leaving them out. I read somewhere if you can't model it how you wish it's best to leave it out altogether. But then again it was on the original photon - ordered via makexyz
  3. Jeepy84

    Jeepy84 TrainBoard Member

    Well this thread certainly sold me, I need to stop wasting time and money on my fdm and get myself a resin setup! That caboose is amazing!

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