My Next Z-Scale Restoration Video

Fluegelmeister Dec 24, 2019

  1. Fluegelmeister

    Fluegelmeister TrainBoard Member

    This one is about my Z-scale Marklin 8910 Toporama restoration costs and value.
    Happy Holidays!

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  2. JoeS

    JoeS TrainBoard Member

    Very good video. I like how you went step by step in the process and it’s good to put the price on things. Also enjoy the fact you explained your thought process as you went. I’ll enjoy seeing your progress!
  3. rray

    rray Staff Member

    +1 Here :D
  4. z.scale.hobo

    z.scale.hobo TrainBoard Member

    Appreciate the shoutout, thanks!

    FYI, a toporama is a S-E-T-T-T configuration
    S = oval from a starter set (4 x 8520, 6 x 8521, 1 x 8590, 1 x 8500)
    8191 E - MSRP 149.99E
    8192 T1 - MSRP 149.99E
    8193 T2 - MSRP 149.99E
    8194 T3 - MSRP 229.99E
    The SETTT system is explained here:

    Note that each of these package sets contains the turnouts and 72720 control boxes needed to complete a Toporama set.
    At full retail (USA MSRP usually matches the Euro pricing in most cases and you should be able to find dealers selling less than that ..........) ... Unless you're also going to do the catenary ... that's only $679 and completes the Toporama ... how'd you come up with $1200?

    A note about eBay - if you see that the seller is a dealer, contact him/her directly and cut out eBay entirely. Sellers pay 10% of the sales price to eBay, so usually we jack up prices to list at eBay.
  5. Fluegelmeister

    Fluegelmeister TrainBoard Member

    Maybe I should have called you first! I bought all the track individually. Barry
  6. husafreak

    husafreak TrainBoard Member

    Wow, informative video Barry, but it looks like you bought your tool set one tool at a time ;) I'm kidding, of course, who knew? I find the Marklin SETTT system fascinating. Franks encyclopedic knowledge of the subject never ceases to amaze me. Great value there. Looking forward to seeing your layout progress and become "the classic German style layout of the 1970’s; an orderly model train layout reflects the orderly mind" but hey, my last name is Schellenberger, the little bit of German in me loves it!
    You might want to compare the operation of the old versus new controller you have. I have heard those old blue controllers work very well.
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  7. Fluegelmeister

    Fluegelmeister TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the info - I'm half German so I feel the same way! I'm working on my next video and it's not easy video myself assembling the layout!
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