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nyandw Jan 3, 2015

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    I grew up in New Hyde Park. In the 1950s my dad would take me into Manhattan sometimes, where he worked. Most times it was the Schenck bus line on Hillside Ave. to Jamaica then take the IND subway to Lex ave.. Other times my mom would pick us up or take us to NHP LIRR Sta. on NHP road to do same. Here is where I have kind of a sad memory: I LOVED trains. BUT I'd watch up the tracks to see it coming. When it was apparent the engine was a steam engine (K4?) coming (tall black smoke) it scared me and I'd go back in the car and hide until it was gone (I'd just peek to see the corner of the tender moving away). To think, my dumb childhood phobia kept me from being able to stand right next to these giants and even talk to the engineer and maybe even climb on for a second (those days you could). No, I became the model railroader and I'll bet there were kids on their Schwinns right up there at the engine who never went into the hobby and could care less. So, my very first experience of being in a real fired up steam engine was some 60ish years later, climbing into the cab of Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at Union Station in Los Angeles where I've lived since 1978. Man what a beauty, that one !
    I did quite recently become friends with a now retired UP engineer Frank L. who allowed me (on his day off) to run a pair of real Gensets parked at Mission Rd. and 4th st. Funny that, because I have gone and hung around and walked on those heavily tagged up engines many many times before knowing Frank. What a thrill this was !! I got up to run-4 until we had to stop and return using the rear engine back...I, ME ran a real 1:1 scale locomotive ! Those kids on their schwinns can never boast that !! Alas, Frank has retired with honors, but no more trips on the Gensets. I keep thinking if he'd only not retired so soon.......dang !!
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