MTH HO and JMRI Programming

Rayron Jun 11, 2021

  1. Rayron

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    hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone knows how to program an MTH HO engine with JMRI via digitrax. I have a PR3 that is connected to a DCS 50. the PR3 is in the MS100 mode and the DC50 is connected via Rail A/B to the track. I understand that MTH needs to be programmed on the main but not sure how to configure JMRI and the hardware to do that. I tried selecting POM with JMRI but the proto3 is not responding to jmri. any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Welcome aboard Rayron!

    Getting JMRI or anything else to talk to the USB interfaces on these systems (doesn't matter which brand) seems to be half (or more of) the battle.

    If you don't get a useful response here, you might try the JMRI or Digitrax groups on There are LOTS of threads with users having these kinds of problems there. They are very used to helping with it.

    I use JMRI, but on a Raspberry Pi with a Pi SPROG 3 hat attached, using Linux with no USB involved. Since the whole system came pre-configured, I don't really know too much about how to do that, let along on a windows or mac.

    What computer/OS are you using?

    Hopefully someone more useful will come along!
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