More Factory Installed DCC-Sound Locos from Atlas: Re-release of SD-35 Loco

gdmichaels Sep 7, 2017

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    Atlas SD-35 Locomotive, Chessie System

    Atlas continues to embrace the industry trend of offering factory-installed DCC-Sound engines.

    On September 6, 2017, the company announced that it will re-release yet another engine, its N SD-35 Locomotive, with and without built-in DCC-Sound functionality, in a new paint scheme and with new road numbers.

    This announcement marks the fourth Atlas release to include factory-installed sound capabilities.

    In May 2017, Atlas announced that it will re-release GP38-2 locomotives in new paint schemes / road numbers with and without built-in DCC-Sound functionality.

    In March 2017, Atlas announced the re-release of C-628 and C-630 locos. Please see our blog, Atlas Continues to Embrace DCC-Sound: C-628/630 Locomotive.

    Previously it produced S2 switchers -- all sound-enabled.

    Based on TroveStar's conversations with Atlas at the NSE Pittsburgh Convention in June, we can expect to see an announcement for another sound-enabled loco release from Atlas this year.

    SD-35 Locomotive: New Paint Scheme & New Road Numbers
    Produced under Atlas' MasterĀ® Line Locomotives brand, this release will include both Atlas Master Silver (MSRP $124.95) and Atlas Master Gold (MSRP $234.95) versions with a pre-order date of Wednesday, October 4, 2017 and an estimated delivery of 2nd Quarter 2018.

    This engine will be available in 3 undecorated versions (with and without HL and with high hood). It will come in 22 new road numbers spread across 8 paint schemes, one of which is new Chessie (TORCO).

    Some engine features include: directional lighting, walkway safety tread, scale speed motor and Atlas MasterĀ® Gold version features ESU LokSound Decoder.

    Here is a link to the Atlas website.

    Here is a link to previous Atlas SD-35 loco releases listed on TroveStar.

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