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GP30 Jan 3, 2013

  1. BoxcabE50

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    Good grief. That any seller would list something like this is just sloppy/careless. I would hesitate to do any business with them.
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  2. friscobob

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    I can do one better-someone posted an older Atlas RS11 with Kato drive, undecorated, in the box, for 150 bucks. The kicker is there is another Atlas/Kato RS11 listed, no box, for 80.

    Forgot to mention the $150 model has a slash in the box. Funny way to add value to an item, but what do I know?

    As for Athearn blue-box models.....on several of the HO scale for-sale sites on Facebook, $20 for a car seems to be the going price. Funny, but at the last train show I was at, I never paid any more that ten.

    The blue-box kits have become collector's items, and those who are collectors have driven up the prices. Fortunately for me, for car kits, there's Accurail and some early Walthers offerings.

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