Modeling CMRX 800XX tankcar

prr2bnsf_sd Jul 12, 2021

  1. prr2bnsf_sd

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  2. Mr. Trainiac

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    The Atlas Kaolin tank may be a good starting point. The capacity is similar to the 15K listed on Highball's site, but the Atlas 17,360 may be another good one too. That car is a bit bigger, but I think the shape of the tank is a bit closer to the titanium dioxide car. The Kaolin tank seems a bit more stout and just by looking at the photos, the diameter seems a bit larger.

    The 17,360 has better proportions to my eye, but the Kaolin tank is closer to the capacity and length of the Dupont car you want to model. I think it may be up to you, and you may even own these models and can investigate further than an HO modeler like me can.

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