Mixing different RRs

SleeperN06 Jun 13, 2013

  1. SleeperN06

    SleeperN06 TrainBoard Member

    I just saw the Interstate 8105 and I really like the colors. I’ve passed on a lot of Locos that I really liked because they were the wrong RR for my layout.

    Now I’m thinking about going against prototypical and start collecting locos that I like from various RRs. I wish I had a large staging area where I could just change RRs whenever I wanted, but I’ll probably just build a large wall mounted display case to put them in.
    I have on occasion seen locos from other RRs running on the BNSF lines around here and sometimes even in a BNSF consist. I don’t know if this is common in other parts of the country.
    I was wondering how many Modelers if any run multiple RRs on their layout.
  2. HydroSqueegee

    HydroSqueegee TrainBoard Member

    If it looks good, it runs. Road name doesnt matter to me. I only wish i could run big locos, but my sharp curves prohibit it.
  3. LOU D

    LOU D TrainBoard Member

    I'm lucky.Northeast Pa. is a madhouse as far as railroads are concerned.In my era alone,early 70's,LV,EL,CNJ,RDG,D&H,and PC were all withing a mile of my house.D&H and CNJ pooled with B&O,C&O,and N&W,and LV pooled with N&W.Lease units were out of control.I can plop just about anything on my RR that's era correct,and get away with it.BAR,NKP,MEC,L&HR,LNE,SP,UP,ATSF,DT&I,NYS&W,you name it,it made it here..Even can get away with GE U-50's,since GE ran them on the EL for testing..Add that to the steam excursions that still run here,and ran here then,CP,NS,and R&N right outside my door,the DL with all those AlCo's and Steamtown 5 miles up the road in Scranton,even though I really only model 1972 and 2000,I'm one busy little modeler..Did I mention O&W and Erie ran into Pittston,too?
  4. SleeperN06

    SleeperN06 TrainBoard Member

    Oh wow, I didn't think about that. Umm maybe I need to change locations. LOL
  5. jagged ben

    jagged ben TrainBoard Member

    Here in California, between trackage rights, mergers, and foreign power, there is wide latitude for almost anything, at least if you're modeling the last 30 years or so. On Cajon Pass, for example, you've got SP, UP, and ATSF going back a few decades. It's not unreasonable to throw in the occasional Conrail, CSX, NW, or even MILW as foreign power if you model the 80s. Some MP and WP in the UP trains makes sense too. And if you model more recently, then with more mergers you get first DRG&W, and then CNW and BN. An finally with foreign power these days you can see NS, CN, and CP. Not to mention Amtrak.

    Tehachapi, Donner, and Feather River probably had a little less variety over the years, but still almost as much.

    EDIT: And somehow I didn't actually mention BNSF yet.
  6. glakedylan

    glakedylan TrainBoard Member

    have been including locomotives from many roadnames since modeling in N Scale...too many to name here.
    it is fictional at best with my main modeling being PRR and Reading with other eastern, mid west and western RR tossed in!
    Gary L Lake Dillensnyder
  7. Trevor D. CSX Crr fan

    Trevor D. CSX Crr fan TrainBoard Member

    That's the reason I'm modelling early CSX('89-'91). Seaboard System, Chessie System, Family Lines, B&O, C&O, L&N, SCL, Clinchfield, PLUS all the CSX schemes! Throw in EMD Leasing ex-N&W SD35s and leased ex-ATSF C30-7s(in two Warbonnet schemes) and there's plenty of variety.

    Trevor D.
  8. SleeperN06

    SleeperN06 TrainBoard Member

    I have to work in Barstow every once in a while and I always see BNSF, UP, SP, ATSF running through. Once in while I see a NS, but not very often. I did see a Conrail about 5 years ago and a couple of FXE.
    My collection now is mostly BNSF, UP, SP, ATSF. I also have 2 NS but only as a souvenir from a trip to Pittsburgh
  9. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I have been on occasion, running a couple. MILW and M&St.L. The MILW is dated 1968 and the M&St.L is c.1955. One is Pacific NW, the other Midwest.

    Run whatever you want. You own it. It's all about having fun. :)
  10. LOU D

    LOU D TrainBoard Member

    Johnny,I didn't even mention the D&H madness..They leased from everybody,let's not forget the Sharks and Pa's,Steam excursions,and passenger trains into the late 70's.Then the mergers and pool trains,NYS&W,N&W,Guilford,MEC,CN,CP,can't even keep track anymore..Just nuts,all 500 feet from my house.
  11. jpwisc

    jpwisc TrainBoard Member

    Of course I run more than one railroad! They have to interchange and get cars from somewhere... The Class 1's always have other lines power on the system. You can see that in a blog post I just did from a BNSF line in MN, when NS has no trackage...
  12. Kevin M

    Kevin M TrainBoard Member

    Where I work its not uncommon to have UP, CSX, NS, FXE, KCS and all the railroads they swallowed show up I my BNSF consist.
  13. Bendtracker1

    Bendtracker1 TrainBoard Supporter

    If feel that if it trips your trigger, run it.
    Rule number #1

    Having said that, I visited a very nice N scale layout about 15 years ago.
    It was based on the Nickle Plate Road in the diesel years.
    This layout was very nicely done but do not think it was ever in a magazine, but it easily could have been.

    The one thing that really struck me about this layout was the lack of foreign power. I do not recall seeing any power other than the NKP stuff.
    What is did for me was to give it a sense of credibility and it added to the realism of the layout as much as the scenery did.

    I've kept this in the back of my mind while I've been building my layout. What I want to achieve is when you look at mine, just seeing the motive power, I want you to know without a doubt what road I'm modeling. Of course I have some foreign power to mix in from time to time.
  14. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    A bunch of guys and gals that know what railroading is all about.

    Johnny, good to see you are back on TB and participating. Safe to say you were missed.
  15. k-59

    k-59 TrainBoard Member

    Well as a matter of fact, many of the NS hertage units have been assigned to oil trains that go to North Dakota over the BNSF. So it's perfectly reasonable.
  16. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    I see NS running with BNSF all the time thru Holbrook, AZ. I have a freelance RR and if I own it...it runs on the layout. It doesnt matter if it is Eastcoast, Westcoast, Northern or Southern RR's. It's all good !!!
  17. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I wish they'd stray a little further west....
  18. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    Finding power from other rail lines on your home road is not a new thing, but has been going on in the 1 to 1 world back to the 1930s and before. Some branchlines that were isolated from the home road were reached by trackage rights over another roads track and that even extended to a few logging lines using a class one's track to reach a mill. The SP&S that I model had the Oregon Trunk that saw GN power being run from Spokane all the way over SP&S to reach Bieber on the Trunk, and the reverse during both steam and diesel eras. UP had parallel tracks for awhile up the Trunk and then parts of the line were combined to one track in areas with the UP diverging onto its own track again on the South Bank of the Columbia River. Later during the diesel era it was not uncommon the find SP run through power on GN trains with a mix of power that could include GN and SP&S. Occasionally some WP could be found on the line. Also when roads found themselves temporarily power short, leased locos, still in their home road numbers and colors, could be found in service in both steam and diesel years.

    Every Class One road in this country had at least one area and usually more where power for trains was handed off and the engine service area would be full of various road power. The rainbow of color decreased with all the mergers and now there is more run through power although with less road names. Trackage rights agreements are still used where a specific road runs over the rails of another to reach what would be an isolated area or branch. Just a matter of doing a little research to reveal areas on your home road where this existed or still does.
  19. Pie39

    Pie39 TrainBoard Member

    I have a little..."pact" that I'll only buy 4-axle power from now on, preferably GP units. So if I see a good looking Geep, I buy it and lash it up with completely different Geeps. That's my way of thinking. :)
  20. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Just as an observation, on the joint line through town I've seen NS, KCS and NdeM power on UP or BNSF trains. Alon with, one time, an unrepainted SOO belonging to one of the leasing companies.

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