MICRON ART is still around HO - N - Z

ZOPTIONS Mar 13, 2021


    ZOPTIONS TrainBoard Member

    I know many of us miss Micron Art offerings in HO, N, and Z scales. Reynard Wellman makes STELLAR pieces in all scales. Some folks may NOT know that he and his wife "Eliz" are selling leftover inventory, as it turns up, on "the bay" under the name of elizwel3812. Lately, I have been purchasing many of the items I procrastinated on getting when he was up and running. Fair prices, fast shipping and very responsive to questions and requests for information.
    Paraphrasing Robert Ray, If you see it, better buy it now before it's gone.........
    A sad lesson learned by me!
    Hope I'm not violating any rules?
    Just getting the word out for those that missed past pieces....
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  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Good find, I looked over his offerings, and there are lots of cool Z items left. He also has a model of a Yamaha motorcycle in black and gold that I like. I used to have an XS650 that my ex wife just sent me a photo of yesterday, and the model looks like the Midnight Special version of the XS750 or XS1100 that I really wanted back then. 1981 I think. :D

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