Micro-Trains N 13500000 70' Husky Stack Well Car Kit, progress

WFOJeff Jan 18, 2020

  1. WFOJeff

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    Now that the correct draft lids have arrived, I was able to complete paint and assembly on first car.
    ...decals and weathering will be next.

    But, during assembly I noticed a couple of defects in the completed assembly that I need to work around.

    1) The axels drag on the coupler box bad - I cut out some styrene and made some washers - installed between the truck assembly and body at bolster pin location. (pic - you can see the white styrene) Rolls great now.(If I recall right it was from a sheet of 1/32)

    2) The next issue visible issue is that the car coupler height is very low to the micro-trains coupler height gauge. (pic) This might work out a bit closer if I install some 36" axle sets, I have purchased some to test later-might even require a thicker styrene washer...not sure yet.

    Will follow up after decal - weathering - new axle sets

    MTL-13500000 70' Husky Stack Well Car Kit, Undecorated 6.jpg

    MTL-13500000 70' Husky Stack Well Car Kit, Undecorated 5.jpg
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