Micro Trains F7 - a few more words on running improvements

grahament Apr 3, 2015

  1. Glen Chenier

    Glen Chenier Passed away January 5, 2016 In Memoriam

    Brian and David,

    Yes, I have a lot of leftover spare parts - gears, towers, shafts, bushings, screws - all the little internal parts that wear out or easily get lost during a repair session. Also a bunch of sideframes with Marklin and MTL couplers.

    Also have a lot of the new wheelsets that have the treads properly turned all the way up to the flange. There was a period when MTL tooling had worn and the wheels had a slight curvature where the tread approached the flange, this caused the locos to 'rock-and-roll'. I informed MTL and they immediately repaired ther tooling and replaced my batch of spare wheels. It was a rather frustrating time for me until I finally figured out the problem.

    Since I can no longer repair the MTL F7 I can sell off all my parts stock in bulk at my cost (will have to search old files for prices, hope they didn't succumb to the last hard drive crash). I have no desire to become a MTL parts dealer. You know how to get hold of me.

    May I point out that MTL is great at supplying replacement parts for the F7 if you deal with them directly. This is one of the reasons I got into F7 repairs but refused to repair their GP35. They at first told me they would supply me with GP35 parts, but that never happened since the GP35 is made in China or somewhere like that.

    First glitch in LED headlights - can't get the cheap USB digital microscope to work with my PC - tells me I have no video hardware then leaves me hanging, no clue what to do next. Nothing on the box about needing video hardware, it says it should work with Windoze 7. Will have to get my stepson to try loading the software into my wife's laptop when he gets home from work; I hate messing with Chinese software installations, the instructions are always so poorly written.
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  2. eaelec

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    LED Headlights for MTL F7s

    I created a printed circuit board for F7 headlights. I have upgraded all my own F7s but still have plenty
    of boards left over. I could make these available as a product, but the installation is not
    that easy and requires some tools not every hobbyist would have. For details read the PDF article
    I wrote. If there is enough demand I will make it available as a product.

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