1. Joseph C Hayes

    Joseph C Hayes New Member

    I am getting back after way to long.
    Back then I built a couple of walk around handhelds with five buttons.

    I want to build a third but I can't find the article.

    Best I can do is the circuit boards for hand and base.
    The second was built 12-1986 so there is a cut off date at least.

    So the memory test is, does anybody remember which publication and or the issue it was in?

    Thank You,
    Joe Circuit Board Print 0.jpg Circuit Board Print 1.jpg Circuit Board Print 2.jpg Circuit Board Print 3.jpg
  2. GGNInNScale

    GGNInNScale TrainBoard Member

    I think this came from a Model Railroader article. I was making the CTC stuff (Gutierrez's first DCC efforts) back then for our HO layout. When I saw the PCB picture, it rang a bell, but so long ago...
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  3. Joseph C Hayes

    Joseph C Hayes New Member

    So long ago. I do remember the CTC-16 articles. Drooled a lot for a 20 year old not looking at girls . . . ;>)

    The second I built has a date etch in the board so I have been looking through the back issues from December 1986.
    Been to 1978 so far . . .

    Not good to be searching for an article one issue at a time . . . All the cool articles I read back then are getting read again . . . ;>)

    I have a couple of Atlas RS-1's from their first release which may or may not adapt to DCC but everything else would be too much work for shakey results from what I have read.
    Not to mention the cost of starting over . . .

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  4. C.M. van der Linden

    C.M. van der Linden New Member

    Dear Sir,

    My almost 72 year old memory serves me right, I did do some searching on my MRR collection (CD's that is) and found the article and description of printed circuit boards as well as a correction on the schematics. I did recognize the layout of the circuit boards....

    The article written by mr Kirk Wishowski is in Model Railroader Magazine of Jan 1986, pages 118 till 121
    A later correction was published in the "Trainwire"columns of MRR March 1086 page 19

    So there you'd have it, hope you can find these, otherwise I am able send pdf of te pertaining pages, but you'd have to let me know.

    Happy hunting,

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  5. Joseph C Hayes

    Joseph C Hayes New Member


    THANK YOU!!!!

    I have made it to 1983 in my search of the MR archives online.

    Now what did I do with my soldering pen? ;>)


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