McAdam NB CP Station

nbrail Apr 13, 2000

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    If you plan to be in New Brunswick in Late June - early July, and are interested to visit the McAdam Station, or if you want to learn more about this historical building, go to :

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    I have to agree. This is a beautiful station and area in general for railfanning. I like to take the short drive to McAdam myself when I can. It is about 50 miles away from me and just across from the border in New Brunswick about 10 miles from Vanceboro, Maine.

    I think that the missing URL is as nbrail sent it to me earlier by e-mail.

    If you are planning a vacation this Summer in the Northeast, stop in my area and spend all of your money - we need it! [​IMG]

    Where Downeast Maine Meets Atlantic Canada
    Calais, Maine - St. Stephen, New Brunswick

    Ship It On The FRISCO!

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