Matching Loco to Decoder

santa fe 56 Aug 25, 2019

  1. santa fe 56

    santa fe 56 TrainBoard Member

    Would appreciate anyone that can point me in the direction of a good guide for matching decoder to loco.
    Especially what flavor works with certain loco's ....
    Example GP's pre 96 post 96 classic etc..... thanks in advance...
  2. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Both Digitrax and TCS have excellent “decoder finders” on their pages, which tell you which of their decoders will fit for a specific unit. Also, use the SpookShow website to look up your loco. Sound decoders get a bit more interesting, and will invariably require frame modification for speakers,

    Many earlier locos may not be “DCC friendly”, requiring some frame modifications or motor isolation
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  3. MK

    MK TrainBoard Member

    To add to what Rick said. Digitrax has a reverse look up for decoders. If you have one of their decoder lying around doing nothing, you can plug in the model on their website and it'll tell you what locos it will fit.

    Then you go to train shows looking for that loco(s). :D
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